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Solimar® Solutions

Keep your printing business running smoothly with workflow solutions from Solimar, a Xerox Partner.
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  • Solimar® iCONVERT dynamically transforms IPDS data received from any AFP application into a variety of output formats, including PCL, PDF, PostScript and TIFF data streams and print files. The output is ideal for printers and archiving products that do not natively support AFP applications. iCONVERT functions most commonly in routing mainframe and AS/400 print reports directly to hundreds of networked desktop printers, and can also route reports to production PostScript printers.
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  • Solimar® Print Director Enterprise (SPDE) is an easy-to-implement suite of programs that creates one of the most powerful enterprise output management systems in the industry. SPDE enables you to automate your output environment by managing multiple host computers and multiple printing devices in multiple locations simultaneously. It can do this while performing conversion routines on each print file so that each destination receives optimized output for the targeted printer. Dynamic, one-to-one, data stream transformation from any industry standard PDL to another ensures that your output is produced as expected. Each transformed data stream is optimized at the time of print to produce the most efficient and accurate rendering of your documents. SPDE is completely scalable and modular.
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  • Solimar® Rubika®: The need for document print centers to be more productive and efficient while managing production schedules drives IT managers to Solimar. Their open systems solutions allow organizations to uniquely maximize their investments in legacy and contemporary applications and technologies. Experts in multi-channel document delivery, Solimar solutions streamline output workflows by enabling documents to be re-engineered instead of recomposed.
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  • Solimar® SOLsearcher is an enterprise secure electronic document delivery and web presentment solution that enables organizations to effectively index, store, search and retrieve large collections of transactional and scanned documents. Ideal for B2B and B2C environments.
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