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Solimar® Rubika®

This product is no longer available.


The need for document print centers to be more productive and efficient while managing production schedules drives IT managers to Solimar. Their open systems solutions allow organizations to uniquely maximize their investments in legacy and contemporary applications and technologies. Experts in multi-channel document delivery, Solimar solutions streamline output workflows by enabling documents to be re-engineered instead of recomposed.

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Key Features

  • Modify output rather than modifying at the application level
  • Enable postal savings with pre-sorting, document consolidation and address cleansing
  • Add conditional and TransPromotional marketing messages
  • Insert overlays and cover letters
  • Remove pages and specific content
  • Modify print data on-the-fly at run time
  • Add and update barcodes, data import/export, and insertion equipment controls
  • Provide log job tracking, accounting and processing information for analysis to distribute jobs to best print point

Your Challenges

Recomposition is costly compared to reengineering. Making changes to legacy applications requires the use of reengineering tools as many applications cannot be recomposed.

Key Challenges

  • Inefficient methods for adding color document underlays
  • Limitations to accepting, processing, printing and archiving certain data stream types
  • Lack of uniform standardized processes
  • Slower than desired client project turnaround time

How Xerox Can Help

  • While most finishing devices have a set number of inserts that can be included with a bill, statement, or other customer communication, Rubika® enables companies to add literally an unlimited variety of inserts to their mailings.
  • With Rubika's intuitive graphical interface, users are not required to be highly skilled programmers. Users without a technical skill set can take full advantage of the system.
  • By using existing applications, Rubika® enables customers to make significant enhancements to print applications quickly – thereby providing a very attractive return on investment.
  • By adding color, barcodes, or even dynamic digital content, clients can now have a better and more valuable communication approach with their customers.

Why Choose Xerox?

  • As costs for color print continue to decrease, more companies are adopting strategies to produce customer-facing, transactional print in highlight and full color. Rubika® allows migrating from monochrome to highlight color or full color to enhance existing applications by dynamically replacing monochrome forms, fonts, logos, graphics, etc. with color resources.
  • Variable and static text is switched to color on demand.
  • By enhancing existing documents, migration time is greatly reduced and financial benefits are realized immediately.
  • Virtually any legacy data stream can now be easily enhanced and printed on any Xerox full color device.