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Solimar® iCONVERT

iCONVERT transforms IPDS applications from mainframe or AS400 environments and routes them directly to desktop, production printers, viewing stations and archive systems.
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iCONVERT dynamically transforms IPDS data received from any AFP application into a variety of output formats, including PCL, PDF, PostScript and TIFF data streams and print files. The output is ideal for printers and archiving products that do not natively support AFP applications. iCONVERT functions most commonly in routing mainframe and AS/400 print reports directly to hundreds of networked desktop printers, and can also route reports to production PostScript printers.

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Key Features

  • Emulates IPDS printers, supporting all IBM IPDS towers and complete IBM Font set
  • GUI configuration for easy implementation and support
  • LU1/SCS, LU3/DSC, IPDS data streams
  • Converts inline resources and print data dynamically
  • Parse, spool, rename and dynamic routing
  • Supports page rotation, multiple paper sizes and duplexing
  • Scales to fit page (non edge-to-edge printers)
  • Supports highlight and full color
  • Supports large file sizes (+2 GB)
  • Can add HTML codes to ASCII output
  • Customizable finishing commands

Your Challenges

Many organizations, while establishing an AFP-centric architecture for production printing, have experienced the phenomenon of decentralized decision-making in end user areas. Others have developed an asset consolidation plan that brings the data center print room together with the print shop. Either way, most devices outside of the data center use print data streams that are not AFP.

Key Challenges

  • Printing IPDS data on non-AFP printers without any applications changes.
  • Printing AFP jobs at rated speed.

How Xerox Can Help

  • iCONVERT enables seamless printing of IPDS Data stream on non-AFP printers without application changes.
  • AFP applications print at rated speed.

Why Choose Xerox?

The system communicates with host systems and appears as IPDS devices or LUs. iCONVERT dynamically transforms AFP reports into a variety of other print languages and routes the resulting data to large fleets of Xerox distributed network and production printers, archiving systems, and viewing stations.