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RSA Solutions

Keep your printing business running smoothly with workflow solutions from RSA (Rochester Software Associates), a Xerox Partner.
Hours: Mon - Fri, 8am - 7pm ET


  • RSA IPDSPrint converts IPDS print streams, making them compatible with any network PostScript printer. In mixed environments, customers can use IPDS with 100% fidelity guaranteed.
    Download IPDSPrint brochure
  • RSA M.I.S. Print allows users to access, view, archive and print documents created in a Data Center by converting line printer and Xerox LCDS data streams including DJDE, Metacode, and XES/UDK to PostScript and optionally PDF. This allows operators to print legacy mainframe jobs to network production, midrange, or desktop PostScript printers, enabling organizations to maximize their investments in both new and old technology. RSA's 100% Fidelity Guarantee ensures the printed PostScript output matches the legacy output.
    Download M.I.S. Print brochure
  • RSA Mainframe Downloader delivers a low-cost software-based solution for TCP/IP-based printing from a mainframe. Mainframe Downloader is purchased, not leased, and pays for itself immediately. Mainframe Downloader uses AES Encryption and Compression for secure, optimized use of bandwidth.
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  • RSA QDirect controls workflow, routes jobs, and manages print destinations across the entire enterprise by consolidating print from data centers, departments, and desktops to a single point and distributing the output to production, workgroup, desktop printers, and other destinations. QDirect is used to manage and manipulate jobs as well as direct workflow. Sample workflow enhancement include color splitting, job naming, conditional processing, chunking (break up a large job into smaller pieces so the printer can handle them), flow control, conditional routing, and transform (integration with MISPrint and IPDSPrint).
    Download QDirect brochure
  • RSA QDirect.SCAN empowers Xerox office systems by offering Scan to Print Center capabilities. Jobs are scanned and ticketed directly from Xerox® EIP enabled multifunction printers (MFPs) and transmitted to QDirect in the Print Center. A confirmation page is printed at the requestor's MFP, along with thumbnails of the scanned job. QDirect then creates electronic job tickets and automates printing in the Print Center. With QDirect.SCAN, enterprises can centralize print volume, take advantage of increased efficiencies, and office workers can get back to their jobs instead of waiting at the copier.
    Download QDirect.SCAN brochure