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This product is no longer available.


IPDSPrint converts IPDS print streams, making them compatible with any network PostScript printer. In mixed environments, customers can use IPDS with 100% fidelity guaranteed.

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Key Features

  • Efficient PostScript output optimized for production printers
  • 2D Barcode support
  • Automatic resolution scaling
  • Bitmap and outline font support
  • N-up and extended N-up
  • Color support
  • Supports all paper sizes with full inline finishing support
  • Robust media handling
  • Full and subset reprinting
  • PDF/A archiving, splitting, indexing, and document management integration (optional PDF module)

Your Challenges

Key Challenges

  • Eliminate the need for a costly separate server – and potentially multiple types of diverse printing equipment
  • Streamline internal workflows and increase overall print production
  • Co-resident on select production printers

How Xerox Can Help

Xerox helps customers to consistently maximize productivity, boost operating efficiency and improve turnaround time.

Why Choose Xerox?

  • Runs natively on FreeFlow Print Server controller, reducing points of failure with unreliable hardware and transforming the IPDS data stream for printing on network, midrange and production printers.
  • Enables distributed print without application changes.


Xerox Top 2014 Business Partners of the Year

Xerox named Rochester Software Associates as its 2014 Production Software Partner of the Year at its annual Business Innovation Partner of the Year awards, recognizing the efforts of leading partners that help Xerox and its customers capture new opportunities and achieve business success.