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NearStar DataServer®

DataServer® is a powerful enterprise output management system.
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DataServer® is a full-featured integration platform designed to protect your investments and address special requirements. It is a modular design which provides unlimited flexibility. DataServer® has the ability to operate on any platform (i.e. Windows®, Sun Solaris®, Linux®, Unix®), take all types of print data in from any environment (web submissions, network, mainframe, etc.), and manage the print jobs for any destination, enabling your business to explore new opportunities for automating manual processes and doing more with fewer resources. It can do this while performing conversion routines on each print file so that each destination receives optimized output for the targeted printer. Dynamic, one-to-one, data stream transformation from any industry standard PDL to another ensures that your output is produced as expected.

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Key Features

The DataServer® is an independent platform for enterprise print management designed to improve the performance of production output, automate workflows for efficiencies and optimize print management job control.

  • Platform independent/OS independent
  • Data encryption
  • LDAP
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Remote administration and management
  • On-line viewing of PDL-specific print files contained in system queues
  • Automatic printer failover – automatically reroutes jobs to the backup printer
  • Optional job accounting and tracking for specific unique requirements
  • Email notifications notifying status of job
  • Capable of integrating with existing applications and leveraging newer technologies

Your Challenges

Managing jobs across an entire enterprise is complex, and often attempting to use new software to do this creates compatibility issues with existing legacy applications.

Key Challenges

  • Leveraging the numerous connectivity and data stream conversions for integration. Printing jobs on:
    • Multiple host types
    • Multiple data streams
    • Multiple output device types
  • Productivity gains in data centers for intelligent job output

How Xerox Can Help

  • Assess sources, destinations and applications to produce the most efficient and accurate rendering of business documents.
  • DataServer® enables you to automate your workflows by managing multiple host computers and printing devices in different locations simultaneously.

Why Choose Xerox?

  • Xerox can help clients to obtain long-term value with existing applications by optimizing every legacy and new print device.
  • Centralized resource management and seamless reprint capabilities to improve oversight of job loads, print quality, equipment performance and productivity.