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Ironsides Automated Production Tracking® (APT)

Piece tracking, job tracking, integrity verification, productivity benchmarking, and job reporting for printing, mailing, and fulfillment operations
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Ironsides Automated Production Tracking (APT) provides end-to-end piece level tracking, job tracking, integrity verification, compliance reporting and production benchmarking for printing, mailing and fulfillment organizations.

APT provides an open and scalable print tracking software solution which can be applied across all brands of printing and mailing equipment.

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Key Features

  • Print and mail piece tracking
  • Print and mail job tracking
  • SLA performance monitoring
  • Productivity reporting
  • Integrity verification
  • Production benchmarking
  • Workflow optimization
  • Automated reprints
  • Command and control dashboard
  • Compliance reporting

Your Challenges

Organizations need to manage privacy issues, compliance penalties, and late delivery fees. They need to optimize workflow (reducing production costs) by eliminating manual labor and time delays associated with print, mail and fulfillment processes. In order to run their businesses better, business owners and operations managers need metrics and reporting transparency.

Key Challenges

  • Compliance protection: ensure the integrity of all pieces printed and mailed
  • Avoid late delivery fees: ensure and prove all output is completed accurately and on time
  • Avoid compliance penalties: create the process benchmarks and reporting to protect against inadvertently printing or mailing incorrect personal information
  • Reduce operating costs: optimize production to improve turnaround times and reduce cost per piece
  • Optimize production: Utilize real-time information to streamline processes, production reporting and integrity reporting

How Xerox Can Help

Automated Production Tracking connects seamlessly to Xerox FreeFlow and on competitive printing and mailing equipment, providing end-to-end workflow optimization and piece/job tracking.

  • Real-time performance monitoring: provides clients with real-time access to productivity metrics and job performance metrics by job, operator, device, client, etc.
  • Productivity measurement: provides clients with the real-time information to manage their production to avoid late delivery fees and compliance penalties

Why Choose Xerox?

  • The Xerox solution can be integrated directly into the print server for Xerox printers utilizing FreeFlow
  • Xerox provides the end-to-end workflow expertise to improve the clients business across all document operations.
  • Xerox print tracking software is non-proprietary, meaning it can be applied in all production sites across all brands of printing and mailing equipment
  • The Xerox solution is scalable and open, meaning clients have full access to reporting and can grow the solution as their business requirements change, without losing their previously purchased investment.