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Compart DocBridge® Suite

Output management, file conversion, optimization, quality assurance and multi channel communication for Enterprise.
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Compart DocBridge® is a modular platform-independent output management solution that streamlines document delivery processes for large enterprises and service bureaus. Ideal for high volume, high speed and complex legacy applications.

Key Features

  • Platform independent – works in the operating system of your choice
  • Converts, modifies and co-mingles files with mixed formats in a single pass for efficient processing
  • Supports any input and output format, making it an ideal solution for a mixed device environment
  • Workload balancing, distribution and rerouting of jobs to different output channels
  • Supports a rich set of color management features
  • Optimized bar code handling for improved reading rate
  • Supports white paper production including intelligent white space management for "last minute" Transpromo
  • Merges forms and overlays of any format while spooling
  • Supports IPDS output
  • Graphic resource management modification and optimization of documents
  • Compares, analyzes and detects the differences between two documents then returns meaningful feedback for risk mitigation and quality assurance

Your Challenges

Unless you're an expert with legacy, contemporary, "X"-based, and business formats, performing complex document conversion and optimization without the right tools is overwhelming.

Key Challenges

  • Efficiently and reliably converting data streams from one or multiple formats into the format required for document delivery
  • Optimizing output streams to maximize printer speed and minimize cost per piece and waste
  • Managing quality assurance and document integrity
  • Risk mitigation to address regulatory requirements and detect costly mistakes

How Xerox Can Help

The DocBridge® Suite consists of Mill Plus, Queue Processor, View, and Delta. The suite helps organizations by:

  • Enabling more efficient full color workflows from legacy applications without rebuilding them
  • Addressing e-delivery (multi-channel communication) requirements

Why Choose Xerox?

  • Xerox offers a wide array of color, continuous feed and cut sheet printers
  • Xerox can help clients to obtain long-term value with existing applications by optimizing them for every new and legacy print device.
  • Xerox can meet market demands for multi-channel output without going back to composition reducing the time and effort required to support these rapidly changing demands.