Xerox Features Triggered Direct Mail at Hunkeler 2019

Customer experience is a marketing tactic that is here to stay. Xerox triggered direct mail works to enhance the customer experience by swinging the pendulum from conversion to lifecycle. Triggered direct mail delivers exceptional experiences and operational consistencies through printing with a digital workflow.

Triggered direct mail

Triggered direct mail goes beyond just personalization and omni-channel marketing, it works to enable lifecycle management through linking data and actions to relevant and timely communication efforts. Direct mail generates 10% more customers than email today, where 84% of millennials are more willing to spend time looking at their mail than at their email.

Inkjet production technology can enhance triggered direct mail by boosting relevance and cost-effectiveness through integrating its manufacturing process with the digital data workflow.

Offering end-to-end solutions

Addressing customer imperatives requires integration of high quality operational efficient print with a viable workflow consisting of automation, analytics, personalization and omni-channel. Xerox offers end-to-end solutions designed to create personalization, a workflow to manage and technology to deploy triggered direct mailing efforts. By leveraging and utilizing Xerox partners, XMPie and Xerox Free Flow Core, the result is a unified work flow for print, digital and mobile programmatic mailing.

Inkjet has a future

Xerox inkjet technology offers digital, hybrid web-to-cut and cut sheet solutions. Jean-Marc Pasturel, Impika Co-Founder and General Manager Production Inkjet Sales at Xerox EMEA, expects that in ten years 75% of all digital print will be done on inkjet presses. As the effort to deliver valuable and high quality print products continues, Xerox special inks and product technologies are sure to go beyond the standards.