Shine a Light on Print Fraud

Concert tickets, checks, coupons, diplomas — counterfeit documents are serious business. The IDC estimates that document- and packaging-related counterfeiting loss represents $584B worldwide.1

The good news? Preventing print fraud isn’t as complicated or expensive as you think. With Xerox® Specialty Imaging, you can protect your customers’ — and your own — bottom line without costly specialty inks or media.

$4m lost each month on fraudulent concert tickets. Xerox Correlation Mark hides text and images in tickets that can only be read with a validation key.

Concert Ticket

Prescription Bottle

$233B in Pharmaceutical Counterfeiting	 worldwide. Xerox Infrared Mark creates a hidden message on packaging that's verifies with an infrared camera.

$448M lost to fake coupons annually by retailers in the U.S. alone. Xerox Fluorescent Mark makes authentication as fast and easy as scanning with a UV light.


Graduation Cap

200,000 phony degrees are sold annually. Xerox Fluorescent Mark in combination with Xerox Microtext adds additional layers of security and ensures authenticity.

74% of organizations have experienced check payment fraud. Xerox Microtext Mark, which appears as a graphic line without magnification, adds an extra layer of authentication to checks.


Used alone or in combination on any application, Xerox® Specialty Imaging effects make it easy to protect your customers’ most sensitive documents. Learn more about Specialty Imaging Technology here.

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