Meet the Xerox® iGen® 5 Colorful Heroes

Real-World Feedback on the Xerox iGen 5 Press: Advanced Automation, 5th Print Station, Ultimate Configurability

The Xerox iGen 5 Press has many great qualities, including advanced automation, a fifth print station, exceptional image quality, application flexibility and a configurable platform. These features come up time and again when our customers talk about their love for the iGen 5. Learning from other print providers’ successes can help you decide if the iGen 5 is right for your business.

The extended gamut is a game-changer

“The gamut extension colors were a big deal. Especially the orange. Orange is our national color in the Netherlands. Our customers love the orange— especially if they can personalize with it. That’s a real add-on.”

Jeroen van Druenen
Jubels (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
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This press saves money

“If someone would have told me how much money I’d be saving each month using the Xerox iGen 5 Press, I wouldn’t have believed it. In the year Barrington Press has owned its iGen 5, the company has saved $10,000 - $15,000 per month and has created new opportunities for growth.”

Paul Ramirez
Barrington Press (Paramus, New Jersey)
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Our competitive edge

“The iGen 5 Gamut Extension Tool and fifth color option, plus the addition of White Dry Ink expands the applications we can offer customers. We’re also able to quickly and accurately match colors, which gives our shop a competitive advantage.”

Michael Solomon
Principal of Business Development
Prodigital Printing (Edison, New Jersey)
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Prodigital Printing

Opened up new business opportunities

“The gamut extension (green/blue/orange) helps us achieve all of our desired Pantone colors. Also, thanks to the large sheet size (364x660mm), Biella is able to be much more flexible when it comes to ring-binder and folder production in small and large quantities. We are convinced about the robustness and reliability of this press and we are already operating it in two shifts!”

Kasami Ganimete
Head of Sales Individual Products
Biella Schweiz AG (Brügg, Switzerland)

Biella Schweiz AG

A reliable workhorse

“The iGen 5 is the perfect complement for offset printing, which we also offer in-house. Jobs which would run uneconomically in offset but require the matte finish are perfect for this press. Our iGen5 is impressing us every single day when it comes to printing challenging substrates.”

Maik Sättli
Digital Print Operator
Mattenbach AG (Winterthur, Switzerland)

Mattenbach AG

This press keeps our customers happy

“We purchased our first iGen in 1998 and have been sold on their speed, quality and reliability ever since. With the larger sheet size and the extra paper module we added we’ve been able to save set-up time, keep up with the faster unit and keep our customers happy. When our customers are happy, we’re happy.”

W.P. Ward
FlexPress (Dallas, Texas)

photo of W.P. Ward - Owner FlexPress in Dallas Texas

Latest iGen 5 Enhancement and Must See Em’s Award Winner: White Dry Ink

Digital printing enhancement volume is growing quickly. Print buyers are willing to pay for digital enhancements, while print service providers are getting solid margins from them. Xerox is helping print providers make the most of this opportunity with award winning specialty inks.

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