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Xerox® Automated Book Factory Solution

The Xerox Automated Book Factory is no longer sold as new.


The Xerox® Automated Book Factory Solution is a complete solution to grow your business to include book publishing. Documents are printed, collated, and perfect bound in a seamless production process – emerging from the system ready to be packed and shipped. Its ability to switch from in-line to off-line at the push of a button and optionally transform A4-size sheets into perfectly bound A5 books makes the Manual+Book Factory the ideal perfect binding system for both commercial and in-plant printers looking to expand their finishing repertoire while keeping costs down and meeting tight turnaround times.

Key Features

  • Fully automated in-line perfect binding, synchronized mechanically and electronically with a range of Xerox printers
  • Produces quality commercial pre-trimmed perfect bound books on-demand, with a single operator
  • Superior milling and notching ensures deep glue penetration for maximum cover adhesion
  • Switches from in-line to off-line at the push of a button
  • Easily integrates pre-printed book covers with optional cover feeder
  • Supports cover sheets of 80-300 gsm, coated or uncoated, and inner sheets of 60 to 200 gsm coated or uncoated
  • Automatically adapts all features to the thickness of each job and processes each book most productively – no pre-measurements required. Book thickness is automatically recorded during the loading process
  • Highest quality of creasing with up to 13 positive or negative creases. The BB3002 utilizes a knife-creasing technology which offers greater flexibility and superior results compared to competing wheel scoring binders
  • Power milling wheel with notching for EVA / defibering tool for PUR applications ensures deep glue penetration for maximum cover adhesion
  • Optional Dual Mode Bourg Sheet Feeder (BSF) provides all the benefits of in-line convenience and off-line flexibility
  • Optional Bourg Perforate Rotate Fold (BPRF) module micro-perforates, rotates and folds sheets inline
  • Optional Challenge CMT-330C Trimmer provides three-sided trimming inline or CMT 130 trimmer provides a lower-cost three-sided trim function

The Xerox Automated Book Factory is comprised of:

  • C.P. Bourg BB3202 Perfect Binder
    • C.P. Bourg Book Compiler (BBC), which compiles sheets or single fold signatures coming from the printer and transfers the stack into the BB3002 perfect Binder
    • C.P. Bourg BB3002 Perfect Binder – the output of the binder can be routed to either an optional receiving conveyor or an in-line post processing device
  • C.P. Bourg BPRF perforate, rotate, fold module (optional)
  • Challenge CMT-330 three-side trimmer (optional)
  • C.P. Bourg BDF-x booklet maker (optional)
  • C.P. Bourg BCM-x bleed crease module (optional)

Your Challenges

Shorter turnaround times, smaller job runs and tightening budgets are forcing even the best print shops to do more with less equipment, floor space and staff. Meanwhile, there's no shortage of customer demand for quality finished products that can be in quantities as big as thousands or as small as "books of one."

Key Challenges

  • Industry trends toward shorter print runs and quicker turnaround times put constant pressure on operating efficiency
  • Shrinking supply of skilled labor makes it harder to find workers capable of operating complex finishing machinery
  • Relentless demand for quality finished products in a wide range of finished styles and sizes strains the capabilities of workflow, equipment and staff
  • Absolute requirement for set integrity in digital, variable data environments requires minimizing finishing production errors
  • Wider variety of coated and uncoated stock for color and monochrome work demands more sophisticated paper handling
  • Tighter budgets, less floor space and smaller staff sizes increase demands for efficiency and automation at all operational levels
  • Lost time due to bottlenecks associated with the traditional offline binding process

How Xerox Can Help

The Xerox® Automated Book Factory Solution can turn your Xerox digital press into a profitable book publishing business. It produces expertly bound books with superior efficiency automatically by operating in-line with a Xerox press. Superior milling, notching and gluing guarantee quality.

  • Processes books at speeds up to 250 cycles per hour to achieve tight turnaround times in digital production environments
  • Fully synchronized with a range of Xerox printers and optional modules to provide exceptionally high productivity and workflow flexibility
  • Superior creasing, milling and gluing delivers the highest quality finished products
  • The entire end-to-end process can be run by a single operator
  • Dramatically lowers imaging costs by producing 4-page signatures from a single sheet
  • Dynamically senses the thickness of the book block during the clamping operation, making it ideal for printing short runs of books with varying thickness
  • Connectable solutions from C.P. Bourg create the ideal Book Factory application set for in-line and off-line production

Why Choose Xerox?

  • A simpler solution for Xerox in-line finishing and perfect binding, driven by synchronized technology
  • Proven operation with various Xerox monochrome and color marking engines
  • Chosen as the Xerox 2012 Overall Business Innovation Partner for the eighth consecutive year – this reflects C.P. Bourg's enduring and steadfast commitment to Xerox and its customers
  • Designed to deliver the full measure of C.P. Bourg cornerstones of Quality, Innovation and Efficiency