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Scodix Ultra Pro

Coatings that stand up and demand attention
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The Scodix Ultra Pro Digital Enhancement Press enriches your Xerox digital output, providing unique, eye-catching UV coatings and effects. The Scodix Ultra Pro has the ability to print on a wide variety of stocks from your Xerox® presses, bringing benefits to a wide variety of applications including folding cartons and freestanding or framed displays.

Key Features

  • High quality technology encompasses a fixed array, digital inkjet UV-based press
  • Multiple enhancements (SENSE, SPOT, Foil, Braille, etc.) provide an array of applications on a single platform
  • Scodix Variable Density offers a variety of print thicknesses on each type of enhancement to achieve different effects
  • Scodix Ultra Twin-Tray media handling system conveys sheets under the fixed array of inkjet UV inkheads in a single pass
  • RSP (Rotate Scale Position) technology based on 4 CCD cameras gives a sophisticated algorithm to ensure optimal registration


Embellishing Decorative Print with Scodix Ultra Pro and Xerox

Your Challenges

Customers are expecting more ways to differentiate their prints and offerings, to set them above the rest.

Key Challenges

  • Need ways to provide differentiation and gain a competitive edge
  • Need to protect printed output
  • Desire to add interest and beauty to printed output
  • Need new offerings to grow business

How Xerox Can Help

The Ultra Pro provides a highly productive solution that will help differentiate your applications and your business to make you stand out from the crowd.

Why Choose Xerox?

Scodix and Xerox have formed a partnership. The Scodix Ultra pro provides unique and beautiful embellishments to digital Xerox prints.