GBC® eBinder 200

This product is no longer available.


The GBC eBinder is a fully automated punching and binding system that produces the lowest cost lay-flat book of any punch and bind system in the world - all without the manual labor of traditional mechanical binding. It produces a stylishly bound lay-flat document with wrap-around capabilities ideal for in-plants, facilities management operations, franchise printers, and commercial printers.

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Key Features

  • Ellipse element is a "one-size-fits-all" element; limits inventory of many sku sizes
  • 4 stylish colors available
  • Handles a variety of stock weights and media types

Your Challenges

Traditional mechanical binding is labor intensive, costly, and time consuming.

Key Challenges

  • Manually intensive – Traditional mechanical binding has multiple steps that are tedious for an operator.
  • Time consuming – Each step in the traditional mechanical binding workflow requires a significant amount of time for an operator to complete.
  • Labor cost – There is a high labor cost associated with the traditional process of mechanical binding.
  • Scrap cost – There is high cost due to errors in the traditional mechanical binding workflow.
  • Inventory costs – There is a high cost in managing the inventory of multiple element sizes to accommodate a variety of book sizes.

How Xerox Can Help

The GBC eBinder II produces printed and bound documents at the touch of a button. This automated solution produces the lowest cost book of any punch and bind method in the world. It creates a stylishly bound lay-flat document with full wrap-around capabilities – all without the manual labor of traditional mechanical binding. The Ellipse bind element is a single size element for all applications.

  • Saves time and increases productivity by eliminating the labor-intensive steps of manual punching and binding
  • Utilizes the attractive new Ellipse element for eye-catching presentations and documents
  • Streamlines inventory management by eliminating SKUs with eBinder's one-size-fits-all Ellipse binding element
  • Creates lay-flat and wrap-around books at the touch of a button – saving training, labor, and outsourcing costs
  • The patented elliptical shape of the Ellipse element facilitates page-turning and creates a more stable document when compared to existing binding styles
  • The narrow profile of the Ellipse element aids in the shipping, storing, and stacking of bound documents
  • Common GBC eBinder II applications include monthly reports and directories

Why Choose Xerox?

  • Xerox offers the lowest supply cost of any in-line mechanical bind solution in the world.
  • The eBinder II is the only mechanical bind solution that docks to high end production printing equipment, punching, and binding into one easy step.