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Duplo SCC Nearline Booklet Maker System

The Duplo SCC Nearline Booklet Maker System is no longer sold as new.


The 500Pro Digital Booklet System is a high production, near-line solution designed to take printed output from multiple print sources and convert them into professional, full-bleed, saddle stitched booklets up to 25 sheets, all while maintaining complete set integrity when using 1D or 2D barcodes. This system configures the DSF-5000 Sheet Feeder with a DBM-500Pro Bookletmaker and is the ideal solution for processing sensitive or personalized information that requires a high level of accuracy and compliance.

Key Features

  • Configures a DSF-5000 Sheet Feeder with a DBM-500 Pro Bookletmaker
  • Unique Dual Fan Feeding and Air Management System for reliable, fast feeding at speeds of 200 to 300 sheets per minute – equivalent to matching print production of 400 to 1,000 A4 pages per minute
  • 6,000 sheet capacity pallet style paper tray allows for longer print runs
  • Paper tray adapter enables the pallet to fit inside the digital press and includes an integrated air bed to allow easy movement of the paper stack to the correct position
  • Windows-based user screen makes job management, programming and recall simple and the system easy to operate
  • Automation makes the system extremely easy to set up, requiring little or no manual intervention, and enables the system to transition from one job to the next within seconds
  • Security and integrity is provided though the integration of a barcode reader which reads 1D and 2D barcodes printed on each sheet of the document to ensure there are no sheets missing, duplicated, turned, or out of sequence. Production is managed, merged and checked with all data recorded in the PC controller, creating a historical audit trail and allowing analysis to determine reporting or reprinting needs. Allows user to process sensitive, complex, personalized variable data information with confidence.
  • Multiple functions are incorporated within the system to ensure accurate operation such as ultrasonic sensors for detecting double sheets and an Optical Mark Reader (OMR) to detect end of set
  • Supports output form multiple printers, whether it is from a color or mono press, and is capable of merging digital output together with offset pages
  • Prevents toner cracking along the fold of the document and produces full-bleed finished documents by slitting, creasing, cutting, stitching, folding and trimming all in one pass with the optional SCC module
  • Modular design allows system to be configured to suit customer requirements, with the ability to upgrade as needed
  • Corner and side stitch
  • Cover feeder with two trays enables loading on the run, merging sheets from a second source (offset), and merging sheets into a location within the document
  • Four Stitch, Three Knife Trimmer (DKT-200) with Gutter Cutter option is available as an altenative to the Slit, Cut, Crease module (SCC), to enable two-up production of small format booklets for double productivity and increased system flexibilty
  • Square Spine option available to enhance booklet flatness (Available only with SCC configutation without long stacker)

Your Challenges

Conventional bookletmaking can be complex and time-consuming. In addition, achieving a high-quality, full-bleed finished booklet can be a challenge with the white borders and toner cracking associated with finishing digital output.

Key Challenges

  • Inconsistent, unreliable feeding
  • Maintaining set integrity and accuracy when feeding sensitive information
  • Toner cracking on the cover of the booklet, resulting in poor booklet quality
  • Professional quality full-bleed bookletmaking
  • Time-consuming set-ups and changeovers for short run, on-demand jobs
  • Too many steps and touch points required to complete a job, resulting in slow turnaround times
  • Inexperienced operators for post-press production resulting in poor booklet quality and decreased productivity
  • High booklet waste, resulting in costly reprints
  • No flexibility in expanding application range
  • Unreliable equipment resulting in costly repair expenses

How Xerox Can Help

The 500Pro Digital Booklet System is a high production sheet feeding and booklet making system designed to take printed output from multiple sources. The Windows-based PC controller allows the system to be managed and controlled via a PC. This makes the system extremely easy to use, even for the most novice operator. The PC controller also allows job files to be saved within the internal memory of the PC. Each file contains the parameters and settings for each job, which can later be recalled and used to change from one job to another. The PC controller together with built-in automation makes the system extremely cost effective and efficient from an operational perspective.

Why Choose Xerox?

  • Reliable and dependable feeding using Dual Fan Feeding and Air Management Feeding System, ideal for feeding digitally printed documents
  • Ultrasonic multi-sheet detection – a necessary feature when feeding digitally printed documents that commonly have heavy coverage
  • Security for processing variable, personal and sensitive information
  • One solution capable of supporting the output of multiple printers
  • PC-based controller makes this solution exceptionally simple and easy to use, even for the most novice operator
  • Excellent service and support