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Duplo DC-446 Creaser

Fully automatic creasing solution for digital printers
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Prevent toner cracking and unattractive fold lines on documents with the Duplo DC-446 Creaser. A simple and affordable finishing solution no digital printer should do without, the DC-446 creases a wide range of applications at up to 60 sheets per minute. Creasing digitally printed output prior to folding ensures a clean, professional finish and makes it easier for folding devices to bend with accuracy. The DC-446 applies up to 20 creases in a single pass with great precision and is perfect for creating unique accordion applications and other color documents that require a fold right along the color break. Fully automatic and easy to use, the DC-446 is ideal for finishing short-run offset and digital applications including greeting cards, postcards, brochures, book covers, and more.

Key Features

  • Up to 20 creases in a single pass
  • Processes up to 60 sheets per minute
  • Fully automated setup
  • 3.9" feed capacity
  • 30 memory settings
  • Optional slitting and perforating tools and in-line folder

Your Challenges

Traditional offset printers making the transition to digital often continue to use rotary scoring devices on their digital output. Although scoring has long been an effective and productive method for finishing offset work, its ploughing action has little effect on toner. Offset ink is absorbed into the paper making it flexible to score while toner lies on the surface as a second layer and instead thickens the sheet, making it prone to "cracking."

Key Challenges

  • Rotary scoring devices are ineffective when finishing digitally printed applications

How Xerox Can Help

The DC-446 Creaser utilizes male and female matrix channels to stretch the paper and toner in one impact.

Why Choose Xerox?

Duplo and Xerox have a significant partnership. Our solutions are perfected together to provide value to the market with advances and efficiencies for flexible, cost efficient finishing solutions.