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Duplo DBM-5001 In-line Bookletmaker

The Duplo DBM-5001 In-line Bookletmaker is no longer sold as new.


The Duplo DBM-5001 In-line Bookletmaking System is the ideal solution for medium and high production environments. When connected to the Xerox Nuvera or iGen press, the DBM-5001 is able to seamlessly produce high quality, professionally saddle stitched booklets. The Duplo DBM-5001 offers in-line creasing to prevent toner cracking along the spine of the booklet, slitting and cutting for full-bleed finishing and a square spine module for enhancing the flatness and appearance of the finished booklet. Setup and changeovers are exceptionally quick and easy via the user-friendly PC-based controller software, which enhances user efficiency and overall productivity across the entire workflow.

Key Features

  • Produces 2 to 25-sheet booklets (80 gsm)
  • In-line creasing prevents toner cracking along the spine of the booklet
  • In-line slitting, cutting and face trimming for finishing full-bleed booklet applications
  • Optional Square Spine Module produces flatter booklets
  • Hohner Stitch Heads (2 standard) provide reliable and dependable performance
  • 4-Stitch Head option allows smaller booklets to be printed 2-up to increase productivity
  • Paper size: Minimum: 4.7" x 6.7" (120 x 170 mm) without BSR; Maximum: 14.01" x 19.7" (356 x 500 mm) without BSR
  • PC-based controller with touchscreen allows for easy operation, set up and quick changeovers with the capacity to save up to 2,000 jobs
  • Hand Feed Station for proofing jobs

Your Challenges

Conventional bookletmaking can be complex and time-consuming. In addition, achieving a high-quality, full-bleed finished booklet can be a challenge with the white borders and toner cracking associated with finishing digital output.

Key Challenges

  • Time consuming set-ups and changeovers for short run, on demand bookletmaking jobs
  • Achieving professional, full-bleed finishing
  • Toner cracking on the cover of the booklet resulting in poor booklet quality
  • High booklet waste resulting in costly reprints
  • Inexperienced operators for post-press production resulting in poor booklet quality and decreased productivity
  • Inability to provide document security for clients, resulting in the loss of business
  • No flexibility in expanding application range
  • Unreliable equipment resulting in costly repair expenses

How Xerox Can Help

The Duplo DBM- 5001 works in unison with a Xerox Nuvera or iGen press via a DFA connection to provide a complete end-to-end printing and bookletmaking solution.

  • PC-based controller provides quick and easy set-ups and changeovers for short run, on demand jobs
  • In-line creasing prevents image cracking along the spine of the booklet
  • In-line slitting, cutting and face trimming for full bleed bookletmaking applications

Why Choose Xerox?

  • The DBM-5001 In-line Bookletmaking System, together with the Xerox Nuvera or iGen, provides a complete end-to-end solution for medium to high production bookletmaking
  • The DBM-5001 makes bookletmaking simple by receiving documents directly from the printer and converting them into full bleed booklets without having to be handled by the operator
  • Set integrity is maintained at all times since sheets are fed directly from the printer into the bookletmaker
  • The PC-based controller makes the system exceptionally simple and easy to program and save jobs
  • Excellent service and support