Inside the Xerox-Exclusive Ultra HD Resolution on the Xerox Versant Family


Do you remember the first time you saw the amazing picture quality of an HDTV? Compared to a standard definition television, the quality probably blew you away.

The reason for the better picture quality comes down to pixels and resolution.

That very same principle is applied to the Xerox Versant Family of Presses using a proprietary technology called Ultra HD Resolution. Images are rendered at a color depth of 10 bits, enabling the press to print each of the four primary colors (CMYK) with any of 1,024 shades, compared to 256 shades with the industry-standard 8-bit color.

The result is resolution that’s four-times greater than competitive presses and an image quality that’s scientifically superior. You’ll see smoother gradients, finer lines and sharper text. This video details how it works.

White Paper: Advances in Imaging to Improve Output Quality
InfoTrends/Keypoint Intelligence examines the technology behind the Xerox-exclusive Ultra HD Resolution
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