Building a Better Catalog

In a digital world where an item can be purchased with a simple click, printed catalogs are experiencing a resurgence.

Brands and marketers everywhere are realizing the power of catalogs to strengthen customer experiences and loyalty while driving online and in-store sales. Rather than one-size-fits-all, production inkjet technologies now make it feasible for retailers to add personalization and relevancy to covers, inserts and offers — which can generate revenues three times greater than static catalogs.

The end result is a transformational experience that speaks directly to the recipient, commanding attention and driving sales.


Key Stats and Opportunities

4 Ways To Seize the Opportunity:

  1. Build competencies to handle your customers’ data, delivering print and digital solutions that drive results.
  2. Invest in customization tools and technologies.
  3. Deliver consistent color so every page truly represents the products being sold.
  4. Showcase how integrated Omni-channel and targeted catalogs can drive results.

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Conversation Starters:

Here are some conversation starters to convey the value you can bring to your clients’ business.

  • “With smaller catalogs and smart segmentation, we can help you do more with less.”
  • “How would you like to drive more sales on your website and in your retail locations?”
  • “We can integrate your communications, making them more impactful and effective.”

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