Harness growth opportunities and boost sales with printed catalogs.

In a digitally driven world, printed catalogs remain alive and well. In fact, they’re experiencing a powerful resurgence. Catalogs offer advantages that digital can’t — no other medium is demanding attention and breaking through the clutter. Adding personalization to the mix only amplifies the benefits.

Combined with the availability of consumer data, Xerox® technology takes the cost and complexity out of delivering meaningful, relevant catalog experiences that excite, engage and drive growth.

Key Stats and Critical Insights

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Consumers spend an average of 15 ½ minutes reading a catalog and find the physical experience of doing so fun, inspiring and relaxing.1

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Over 90 million Americans make catalog purchases.2

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Multichannel marketing campaigns that included a direct mail element
generated 12% higher ROI than those without.3

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Personalized direct mail, including catalogs, drives response rates that are 8 to 12X higher than email and over over 30X higher than social media and display ads alone.4

Although print catalogs are back and better than ever, creating meaningful customer experiences across physical and digital touchpoints is essential to sparking action and driving results.

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consult catalogs before purchasing online.

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Adding more personalized content to more channels increases consumer spending by up to 500%.5

Whether you’re entirely new to printed catalogs or simply want to infuse more value and deliver maximum impact, download our guide to:

  • Understand how printed catalogs play a critical role in bridging physical and digital interactions.
  • Discover the impact printed catalogs have influencing purchasing decisions and boosting sales.
  • Learn how to use data and personalization to create targeted, revenue-driving catalog messaging.
  • Review our groundbreaking technology portfolio and cost-saving automation solutions.

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