The Xerox INKjet-setters: Markus Buchroithner - Smart Letter & Services Versand GmbH (Austria)

Hear why Markus Buchroithner, managing director for Austria-based Smart Letter & Services Versand GmbH, is so excited about Xerox production inkjet technology.


Why are you thinking about inkjet?

“You can get the complete marketing idea with one printing process,” Buchroithner says. “You can save a lot of time getting the idea of the marketing to the customer. And you can also save some money because you do not have to print that many forms to address.”

He also says you no longer have to waste paper producing a special amount of formulas that you will not use afterward.

Why now?

According to Buchroithner, the time of offset and classical toner-based particalization in printing can be run now by inkjet.

Are you excited for the future of inkjet?

Buchroithner says it’s a very exciting time because, in his opinion, inkjet is one of the biggest developments in the printing area for the last 30 or 40 years.

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