A tight jazz combo:

Xerox and the Rochester International Jazz Festival

Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival

Hundreds of thousands of music fans flock to downtown Rochester, New York, each year to see marquee musicians like Joss Stone, Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox, and Sheryl Crow perform at the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival. Founded in 2002, it has quickly become one of the nation's most popular and most respected music festivals.

In our ninth year as title sponsor, we use our technologies to help behind-the-scenes festival processes run smoothly while delivering a memorable, personalized experience for over 200,000 fans. 

How we help

Personalized Club Passes

Women smiling and waving with festival passes


Adding Customization and Security 

This year, Xerox designed a process that enables Club Pass holders to personalize their passes with their name and photo. Powered by XMPie® Technology, the process is done online or in the Ticket Shop (whichever a guest prefers) in three quick, easy steps. And personalization has its benefits, including easy replacement if a pass is lost. Plus, fans create a fun keepsake to remember all the good times. In addition to personalization, Xerox is looking to the future with smarter passes by adding QR codes to all club passes with XMPie® Technology. This provides invaluable data about the attendee experience to the festival to create a more remarkable experience for the future.
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Smart Prize Cards 
Xerox Printed Memory printer creating a ticket


Making Merchandise More Engaging 

As an exclusive perk of “being in the Club,” Club Pass holders receive a card made with Xerox® Printed Memory Technology. They bring the card to the merchandise tent on Jazz Street and insert it into a reader. The 36 bits of rewritable memory are read on the card and one of four sweet prizes is revealed. The opportunities are endless when applying this solution to your business. People are calling it the “packaging of the future” because it can store, sense, compute and communicate information.

This added intelligence can:

  • Provide product info (i.e., expiration dates and serial numbers)
  • Reduce counterfeits
  • Enhance product tracking
  • Improve brand management

 Just to name a few.
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Personalized Merchandise  
Xerox Direct to Object Printer


Creating and Customizing Keepsakes

Everyone is looking for unique ways to capture their memorable experiences. Here’s how Xerox is making that possible. Any festivalgoer can pick out what they like from a selection of merchandise and immediately get it personalized with their name, favorite design, and preferred colors using our Xerox® Direct to Object Inkjet Printer. They choose between a notebook, wine tumbler, water bottle or set of golf balls and create a special Jazz Festival souvenir. Even better, the entire process is super convenient. It happens within a matter of minutes—right in the merchandise tent on Jazz Street. 
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Photo Opportunity
People getting photo taken


Helping Fans Connect and Share Experiences 

Who doesn’t love a photo opp with friends and family? That’s why we’re giving Jazz lovers a free, personalized photo print. They pick a background of their liking and customize the photo with their name(s) and fun tidbits about themselves. Using Xerox® Mobile Print and our newest Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology, they can conveniently get the print right there in the merchandise tent on Jazz Street.   
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UV Wristbands
Woman and Man with customized wristbands


Giving Guests A More Convenient Concert 

Waiting in line is a drag. This year, Fast Pass wristbands are available for shows at two of the busiest venues. Concertgoers who show up early receive wristbands and a time to come back for the show. So instead of standing around hours before, they’re free to enjoy other activities around the festival and return at a time when they can head right in. The wristbands are printed on a Xerox® Versant® Press with fraud-resistant specialty imaging effects to ensure only paid attendees get in and counterfeiters are kept out.   
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Video Highlights from the 2016 Festival

Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival 2016

Xerox is honored to be a part of one of Rochester’s premier events.

Xerox Keeps the Rochester International Jazz Festival Moving

Xerox Keeps the Rochester International Jazz Festival Moving

From personalized posters and marketing materials to a Jazz Finder App and fraud-deterrent Club Passes, Xerox keeps the Rochester International Jazz Festival moving.

Xerox and Rochester International Jazz Festival

Xerox and Rochester International Jazz Festival

See how Xerox brings innovation, collaboration, improvisation and personalization to the Rochester International Jazz Festival.

Buzz from the event

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