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Xerox eConcierge®

Free service for your customers. Higher print sales and guaranteed post-sale revenue stream for you. Who wouldn’t want that?

With free printer service for your customers, Xerox eConcierge makes it easier for you to sell Xerox printers, lets you lock in 100% of the supplies sales over the life of the printer, and increases the number of printers you can service.

What do your customers get?

  • Savings of up to $1,675 over the life of each printer

  • More uptime, less downtime with supplies always on hand

  • Fast, simple supplies ordering

  • No commitment — they cancel at any time

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What do you get?

  • An easy way to sell more printers

  • Continuous customer relationship over life of each printer

  • Return business with no additional investment

  • Automatic, ongoing supplies revenue stream

  • Offloaded hassle of supply order taking and fulfillment

  • Opportunity to grow service revenue by picking up warranty work

All that, compliments of Xerox eConcierge.

Become a Xerox eConcierge®-approved provider to have an online supplies store built and hosted on behalf of your company by Xerox.

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What Current Customers Are Saying

"Dramatically Increase our Service Revenue"

“With Xerox eConcierge® we believe that we will double the number of clients buying supplies from us and dramatically increase our service revenue.”

– Ray Young, 4ColorLaser

"Capturing Supplies Revenue"

“In addition to capturing the supplies revenue, we’re also capturing the warranty work.”

– Mike Trevison, Atlantic Office and Laser Products, Inc.

"Driving Printer Sales"

"This is also starting to drive printer sales again because Xerox is offering free warranty support for all Xerox® printers that are part of this program.”

– Greg Starr, I.T. Works

"Stay in Front of the Client"

“It’s stickiness. It gives you a compelling reason to get in front of a client. That’s what we’re looking for – to stay in front of the client. If you do that and be very proactive and consistent, you can have tremendous success.”

– Terry Williams, Advanced Technical Support

"A Super Convenience"

« Pour la plupart des clients, c’est super pratique. Xerox nous a donné une franchise. Ils ont mis sur pied l’entreprise presque sans frais. Je suis emballé. »

– Buddy Carpenito, Print Administrate

Have Questions?

How do I sign up?

How do I sign up?

Visit to sign up, or contact Xerox eConcierge® support at 866-852-4352.

How can supplies orders be placed?

How can supplies orders be placed?

There are two ways orders can be placed:

  • By you on behalf of your customers

  • By your customers through your online store

How will I, or my customers, know when it is time to reorder?

How will I, or my customers, know when it is time to reorder?

An email notification is sent to you and your customers when supply levels are low. Via your eCommerce Partner Portal and the Xerox eConcierge® Customer Portal, you or your customers can check the actual percentage of ink or toner remaining to decide whether to reorder immediately or later.

How do I get set up to order on behalf of my customers?

How do I get set up to order on behalf of my customers?

You can select which of your customers you provide the ordering service to through your eCommerce Partner Portal. Your customers can then authorize you to order their supplies in their account settings in the Xerox eConcierge® Customer Portal.

How do I place supply orders on behalf of my customers?

How do I place supply orders on behalf of my customers?

There are two ways to order supplies for your customers:

  • Via the Quick Buy link in the email notification

  • Directly through your Xerox eConcierge® Partner Portal

Is the service really free?

Is the service really free?

The service itself is free for you and your customers. However, because the service supports credit cards, a nominal monthly fee is required to cover transaction processing by our preferred partner, e-online data. The average profit on a single supply order is enough to cover this fee each month.