Ursula Burns Bio

Board of Directors

Ursula M. Burns

Age: 57   Director since: 2007
Occupation: Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Xerox Corporation
Education: BS, Polytechnic Institute of New York; MS, Columbia University
Other Directorships: American Express Corporation (since 2004); Exxon Mobil Corporation (since 2012)

Other Background: Joined Xerox in 1980 and subsequently advanced through several engineering and management positions. Named Vice President and General Manager, Departmental Business Unit in 1997; Vice President, Worldwide Manufacturing in 1999; Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategic Services in 2000; Senior Vice President, President, Document Systems and Solutions Group in 2001; and Senior Vice President, President, Business Group Operations in 2002. Elected President and Director in April 2007; Chief Executive Officer in July 2009; and Chairman of the Board in May 2010. 

As a long-tenured employee of Xerox culminating in her being appointed as CEO and Chairman, Ms. Burns brings to the Board expertise relevant to Xerox, including her expertise in global business and technology; extensive operating and management experience at Xerox, a technology-driven global manufacturing and business services company; and deep understanding of Xerox’s people, history and business that she has acquired in over 30 years of service at Xerox. She also possesses a broad range of experience and skills garnered from the various other leadership positions she has held at Xerox and from her service on other public company boards and committees.