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McAfee Exec Discusses the “Automation Quandary”

More sophisticated threats. Limited resources. What’s an IS team to do?

Even among all today’s buzzwords, “automation” rings out loud and clear. Business process automation. Home automation. Network automation. You name it – it’s becoming automated. Automation is, after all, the key to streamlining processes, reducing costs and enhancing productivity and efficiency. But should we automate everything – even something as key to mission-critical systems as our security operations?

At this year’s Xerox Security Summit, McAfee Chief Technical Strategist Candace Worley discussed the “automation quandary” – the case for and against automated information security. While many companies are reluctant to adopt automation in this area, a shortage of skilled labor and an explosion of data make IS automation a compelling option for navigating the increasingly dangerous threat landscape.

Hear what Worley had to say:

The Automation Quandary - Candace Worley from McAfee YouTube Video

Watch the full talk ›

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