• Case Study: A print room service everybody loves

Case Study: A print room service everybody loves

IESE is the highly regarded global graduate business school of Spain's University of Navarra. Its reputation is based on a practical and relevant teaching approach led by world class faculty members.

But the teaching staff needed high quality course material to make their modules effective. Not all of this material is printed. It is often supplemented with PDFs of scanned book chapters. 

Since partnering with Xerox to install a high-speed production system and pre-press workflow automation software, IESE’s print room delivers a vastly improved turn-around time for layout and print. It also handles those tricky scanning jobs with a special book scanner to avoid damaging old and valuable books.

The print room now has a near-perfect satisfaction rating according to a recent staff survey. And students in executive education programs ranked the print room service second behind the Barcelona campus’s peaceful gardens as the students’ favourite facilities and services.

Watch our video to find out why the new print room is so popular.