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Xerox® PrintSafe Software

This product is no longer available.

You might like to consider Xerox Workplace Suite.


Xerox® PrintSafe Software provides secure print authentication for printed data on all your multifunction printers, including both Xerox® devices and devices from other vendors. This software is open to work with your choice of industry standard secure readers and cards. It's an affordable option for any size business.

Key Features

  • Prevents unauthorised access to printer features including print, copy, scan, and fax
  • Card-based user identification allows users to login at the MFP with their pre-existing identification card, a Pin number or both, for extra security clearance.
  • Print Anywhere to Any Printer allows jobs to be securely be retrieved at any Xerox printer or non-Xerox printer that has PrintSafe Access enabled.
  • Printing flexibility with Xerox Extensible Interface Platform (EIP)-enabled devices lets users:
    • choose the documents to be released or saved/deleted from their own authenticated print queue
    • determine the number of copies, sides imaged and colour choices per document as desired
    • Learn more about EIP technology

  • Flexible print workflows allow direct printing or using a print server workflow.
  • Affordable software-only solution. No proprietary readers are required, providing vendor choices for new installations or integration with existing industry card readers.

Your Challenges

In today's interconnected world, keeping documents secure is harder than ever. At the same time, compliance with privacy and security regulations is a requirement.

Key Challenges

  • Reducing security threats
  • Trend towards increased security to protect all devices on the network
  • High cost associated with integrating software technology into existing IT footprint
  • Protecting data while finding the balance between people, processes and technology
  • Governmental and medical regulatory policies for privacy and protecting confidential data
  • Rising document costs, including waste from uncollected printed documents, banner pages and unnecessary printing
  • Increasing productivity and flexibility without creating more disruption

How Xerox Can Help

Why Choose Xerox?

See the difference with Xerox PrintSafe Software

  • Secure
    • Allows card swipe integration for many common industry card vendors
    • Optional integration with PIN ID authentication
    • Features simple reporting of authentication logins and history
  • Affordable
    • Requires low IT investment and management
    • No additional charge for convenient pull printing
    • Easy installation and integration
    • Custom bundled choices for any size business
  • Flexible
    • Reduced software footprint – direct print or print server workflows supported
    • Supports both Xerox and other industry print devices
    • Grows with your business as print devices are added to your network
    • Convenient printing available anywhere and on any device