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Xerox Environment, Health, Safety, and Sustainability Governance and Policy

The Xerox Environment, Health, Safety, and Sustainability (EHS&S) organization ensures company-wide adherence to Xerox’s environment, health, safety, and sustainability policy. The governance model we use to accomplish this includes clearly defined goals, a single set of worldwide standards, and an audit process that ensures conformance to these requirements. Our EHS&S governance and policy, adopted in 1991, forms the foundation of our environmental leadership program.

Xerox EHS&S Policy

It is the policy of Xerox Corporation to:

  • comply with applicable environment, health and safety laws, rules, regulations and Xerox Standards;

  • take appropriate measures to protect the environment and health and safety of our employees, customers, suppliers and neighbors from unacceptable risk;

  • take appropriate measures to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses; provide employees with a safe and healthy work environment;

  • assess environment, health, and safety impacts before starting a new activity or project;

  • comprehend environment, health, and safety impacts in the design and acquisition of products and services;

  • eliminate unacceptable risks from facilities, products, services and processes;

  • strive for continual improvement of its environmental management system and implement processes to conserve water and other natural resources, eliminate the use of toxic and hazardous materials; prevent pollution; and recover, reuse and recycle products and materials;

  • exhibit leadership and innovation to address climate change by reducing the carbon footprint of our operations, products and services; and

  • require suppliers to adhere to applicable environment, health, and safety laws, rules, regulations and Xerox Standards.

Signed EHS&S Policy (PDF, 78 KB)

To learn more about Xerox Environment, Health, Safety, and Sustainability and our progress toward our commitments, visit our Corporate Social Responsibility page.