• Xerox Services for Digital Retailer

Refine Customer Communications

Point-of-sale campaigns, done correctly, can have a huge impact on your bottom line. But as digital channels continue to explode, rising costs and inefficient processes are making it increasingly difficult to craft an effective campaign that connects with customers across all touchpoints.

With Xerox® Services for Digital Retailer, you can synchronise your communications to deliver a next-level customer experience. By transforming your approach to customer communications, you can reduce costs, increase efficiency and develop consistent messaging that makes an impact in driving sales and customer loyalty.

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Boost Brand Engagement and “Share of Basket”

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1. Communicate

  • Manage and orchestrate targeted multichannel communications and marketing campaigns
  • Increase impact in store through production and delivery of strong point-of-sale materials
  • Enable personalised communications in channel of choice

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2. Onboard

  • Enhance consumer engagement and experience in account opening and loyalty programs
  • Improve employee experience by enhancing recruitment, selection, onboarding and training processes

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3. Serve

  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness with streamlined and automated retail operations and logistics processes
  • Leverage data through capture and workflows that support regulatory compliance

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4. Grow

Improve “share of basket” and campaign effectiveness through:

  • Analytics and insights for campaign optimisation
  • Timely communications of programs, consumer care and promotions
  • Innovative technologies such as AR/VR, Smart Packaging and Virtual Store