Caring for Patients Gets Much Easier with Xerox® DocuShare®

What if you could spend less time worrying about HIPAA and tracking down the latest healthcare guidelines, and more time actually helping patients get better?

Xerox® DocuShare® helps healthcare providers improve interactions with patients. Secure access to documents means you can find and share the information you need without violating any regulations. And total interoperability across your entire healthcare system means policies are always available and up-to-date. So you can make more informed care decisions and help patients improve faster.


How We Can Help

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Total Information Availability

With DocuShare®, the documents you need are always on hand. Access clinical policies from the ER at a nursing station or anywhere else you need. DocuShare® also supports hospice and remote care work with secure access to hospital and patient-related documents on the go.

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Effortless Risk Mitigation

DocuShare® makes it easy to share the most up-to-date versions of policies across your organization, so you’re always in compliance with regulations like HIPAA and JCAHO. Plus, complete audit trails provide in-depth records of who’s accessed patient records and when.

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Improved Interoperability

DocuShare® lets you find clinical documents faster, so you can make well-informed care decisions immediately when time is a factor. It also integrates with back-office processes such as billing and coding so important data is in reach when you need it.

Applications and Initiatives for Healthcare

Easy Document Management

Capture, store and share important documents across a hospital or an entire healthcare system directly from your multifunction printer or desktop scanner.

Mobile-friendly UIs and Apps

Provide better care from anywhere with information capture, management, retrieval and distribution capabilities that go where you go — on any mobile device.

Complete Policy Consistency

Policy Manager for Xerox® DocuShare® Flex is your one-stop shop for all things policy-related. Make sure the latest version of every policy is always available to those who need it.