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Avoiding Personally identifiable information (PII) data leakage has become a top priority for all businesses. Much has already been done to shore up and protect internal infrastructure, but what about information that needs to flow beyond the confinements of our own firewall and office premises?

To de-risk sensitive information being exposed, encryption, password protection and redacting documents has become the norm, however, for most it is a very confusing, difficult, time-consuming, and error-prone task so often overlooked or ignored!

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Where automation tools are available, these are often found within the office environment and not easily accessible for those that work from home or remotely. They may also be buried within application settings, meaning, without additional training, cannot be easily found by employees.

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Workflow Central takes the guess work out of security by helping to accelerate and streamline data protection automatically, from any location, on any device and without additional training!

To Redact simply upload or scan any document, choose from regional specific pre-sets and / or add custom words and phrases, then sit back and let our powerful AI driven technology do the rest.

You can choose to protect the document further by adding a password to open and view it just in case it falls into the wrong hands.

If selecting email as an output destination, add encryption to further secure the transmission of the file over unsecure internet connections. All these options are chosen with our simple step by step workflow wizard, making it easy for users to adopt secure technology without confusing them.

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How can it help in my workplace?

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Protected health information and other medical information, social security numbers.

Financial documents and files, Judiciary records, contracts.

Individuals’ addresses, dates and months of birth, and other personally identifiable information (PII)

Additional single step, productivity enhancing Combination workflows include:

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Translate the original file then redact the translated version.

Workflow central presets

Merge up to 5 individual files, translate each before redacting all files.

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Unstoppable productivity wherever work happens.

Ready to say goodbye to everyday work life challenges? Xerox® Workflow Central Platform can help. Let’s go.

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ConnectKey® enabled MFPs

Print, copy, scan and fax and so much more with a Xerox® ConnectKey® enabled multifunction printer.