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Keep content relevant, adaptable, and ready to go — anywhere you are.

From minor changes like adding a date and time for a specific event, to copy edits and regulatory updates, documents tend to evolve over time. As the key drivers of many business transactions, companies rely on easily accessible, up-to-date content without having to worry if they are sharing the latest revision. With an influx of employees working remotely document creation and organisation has become increasingly disjointed. As a result, it is becoming difficult for employees to keep track of the latest revisions and ensure consistent branding across all documents.

Embrace digital transformation for a distributed workforce.

As digital transformation accelerates, traditional document repositories with static documents and revisions numbers indicated in filenames are no longer enough. It is time to upgrade your document repository to a secure, cloud-based, centralised digital hub. Xerox® Content Hub makes it easy for teams to access, update, personalise, and use the latest on-brand and on-point content whenever they need it — while reducing costs.

More than a static repository, Xerox Content Hub is a secure and dynamic creative platform for employees to have independent 24/7 access to professional looking document templates, for them to make all the changes they need, and either print locally or use digitally.

Professionally-designed templated documents made for easy updates and tracking.

Each company portal is pre-loaded with a “starter set” of document templates to provide your business with a starting point to show best practices and advanced possibilities of using professionally designed documents that are also adaptable templates. Using Content Hub, end-users will be able to independently personalise a document template and create an instance of it that is relevant to their immediate needs.

Creating a document as a customisable template means that if legal text needs to change it can be changed once, in a data file, and then pulled on-demand each time a document instance is needed. Using templates makes sure that wherever documents are created, they use the latest, approved, version of all the document elements.

Empower your employees to tailor branded collateral, printed on-demand, increasing engagement, and saving cost, without the need for graphic designers and outside creative agencies. Transform your company document organisation and reduce costs with evergreen assets all in one centralised location – Xerox Content Hub.

The Xerox® Content Hub Starter Set makes it easy.

Maintaining and accessing consistent, timely and professional content doesn’t have to be hard. We’ve created a set of industry-specific and professionally designed templates to help you get started.

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