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A table covered with colorful print samples from the Xerox Baltoro HF Press

The inkjet business opportunity is big and getting bigger — which only means good things for you and your company

Over 50% of colour digital pages today are produced on inkjet.

Production inkjet printing is on the rise, expanding its appeal, and in turn, capturing half of the digital colour pages produced globally. Why? Because it’s more capable than ever, delivering an ROI you can measure.

Grow revenue with inkjet

Inkjet makes it easy and profitable to:

  • Incorporate customised full-colour marketing content on high volumes of communications

  • Create personalised and triggered direct mail campaigns

  • Improve time to market for targeted publications

  • Transform catalogs from static offset to personalised, revenue-driving materials

Increased competitiveness

Pressure for increased competitiveness has driven more aggressive lead times. One inkjet device can often replace or complement multiple xerographic presses, streamlining workflows to produce more jobs in less time while saving space — and reducing overhead costs. Inkjet also bypasses the time-consuming processes required for offset press setup.

Built-in operational efficiencies

Many print providers find inkjet helps reduce costs and optimise operations. It makes it possible to produce high volumes of offset-like quality and variable content at a lower run cost, while reducing turnaround time, work in progress and waste. In addition, inkjet has per-page costs approaching offset.

The biggest consideration of all. Productivity.

The high speed of solutions like the Xerox® Baltoro® HF Inkjet Press allows print shops like yours to produce more in a shift, a day, a year. It’s the game-changer that can make the inkjet decision a virtual no-brainer.

Whether you’re a book publisher, transactional printer, commercial printer or marketer, Xerox inkjet can open the doors to new business and new growth.

The Big Opportunity in Inkjet

Download our guide to learn how to:

  • grow revenue

  • lower run costs

  • boost productivity

  • open up new applications

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Start Your Inkjet Journey

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Xerox Baltoro HF Inkjet Press

Xerox® Baltoro® HF Inkjet Press

Transformative performance and economics delivered through inspired innovation

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