Xerox INKjet-setters: Thierry Ngoma, Vprint

Watch why Thierry Ngoma, plant manager of Belgium-based Vprint, is glad his company invested in the Xerox® Trivor® 2400 Inkjet Press.


Why did you invest in a digital press?

“We see that the market is evolving to a document where you don’t have to choose where you need to put your variability,” Ngoma says. “The customer must be able to print variability whenever he wants. So that leads us to go to digital printing, and to buy a digital press, finally.”

How have your customers benefitted from your investment?

“Our customers use our personalized and finished documents to get a better result on their campaigns,” Ngoma says. Watch the video to see a variable document that achieved a good result for Vprint’s customer, with positive feedback and a high return on investment.

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