People are raving about Xerox inkjet – with good reason. Learn how Xerox inkjet can help {{xmp.r.CompanyName}}. your print operation.

Production inkjet presses, including Xerox® Trivor®, Rialto® and Brenva®, make inkjet printing accessible and affordable, without compromising quality. Our customers are astounded by the advancements they’re able to make in workflow, productivity and profitability – and thrilled with the new opportunities opening up in your print centre.

Hear real-world feedback about Xerox® production inkjet presses and see for yourself what opportunities lie ahead for you.

Breaking Speed Limits

“We are the country’s largest publisher of insurance text and insurance education materials. Someone calls up and says I need 30 books today. Can you do that? We say absolutely. Speed is production. Production is meeting customer demands. If those are the boxes you need to tick, Brenva is for you.”

Chris Bankes, Print Production Manager
The Institutes

Opens Up Creative Opportunities.

“The Brenva gives our company the opportunity to add four-colour messages to our billings and policies. This high-speed inkjet printer also gives us creative opportunities to offer new, exciting marketing pieces to our customers!”

Judy Graden, Print and Forms Manager
Pekin Insurance (Pekin, IL)

My Favourite Machine

“In my 27 years, the Xerox Rialto 900 Inkjet Press is my favourite machine – it's a workhorse, it's easy.”

Karl Melzer, Print Services Manager
Hemet Unified School District (Hemet, CA)