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Remote Work Tools to Work From Home

With the shift to a remote workforce, companies are looking for ways to stay connected with their employees. To help, Xerox offers IT services, laptops, home office printers, 24/7 support, remote learning, and expert advice to help businesses adapt to face new challenges.

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Remote Support Options

Customers can text or video chat with a live Digital Support Expert by visiting www.support.xerox.com or downloading Xerox Support Engage, a new mobile app now available in select regions. We also offer many self help articles, videos, and a community forum.

Xerox® Team Availability App

As the workforce returns to the workplace, managers need to anticipate as much as they can which resources are – or will be – available. Xerox Team Availability is a secure web portal that makes it easy for staff to log their status to attend work. It's ready to roll out with no complex IT changes and no setup fee.

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