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Information Security, Your Printers and McAfee: 4 Things You Must Know

Your printers are connected to your network. As such, unprotected printers open your entire network to anyone who wants to steal or destroy your information. Customer information, confidential business plans, employee data and more – it’s all vulnerable. That’s why Xerox has partnered with McAfee, one of the world’s leading cybersecurity companies.

Xerox is the only printer manufacturer with McAfee Embedded Control whitelisting technology built in. Here are four things you need to know about information security, your printers and McAfee.

1. Whitelisting

McAfee Embedded Control whitelisting technology constantly monitors for, and protects against zero-day, polymorphic attacks via malware such as worms, viruses, Trojans, and code injections. Even with direct access to your printer, any attempt to install unauthorised code is detected and prevented from running. Whitelisting allows only approved files to run. It is included in all AltaLink, and ConnectKey iSeries multifunction printers.

2. Email alerts

Any activity that is blocked by the McAfee Embedded Control whitelisting triggers an email alert to the system administrator.

3. Audit Logs

The audit logs contain information about who has used the device and how they have used it, as well as the chronology to help track the events that have occurred — including files that attempted to execute but were prevented by the whitelisting technology.

4. ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO)

Xerox is the only printer manufacturer with an ePO extension. ePO allows IT administrators to unify security management across endpoints. It integrates with Xerox MFPs to receive threat events. Xerox’s certified ePO extension provides visibility of the entire fleet of Xerox devices. It allows monitoring and enforcement of security policy compliance by displaying over 50 security settings, port and version status, and provides for software updates.  McAfee ePO provides comprehensive reporting capabilities with preconfigured queries and a custom report on the Xerox MFPs.

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Protection for your printer is simple and automatic

With McAfee on your Xerox printer, you can stop intrusions from the dangers you know as well as the ones you don’t know. Xerox’s comprehensive approach to security helps protect your information, whether it’s sent to, from or stored on your device.

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