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Partnering to protect what's yours. Your data security. Your business.

Think confidential information is protected by company IT security policies? Think again. A survey commissioned by Xerox and McAfee, reveals that almost two-thirds of U.S. employees never or rarely worry about confidential information remaining secure. 

To address this concern, Xerox and McAfee teamed up to design a security system to help companies protect against threats to this confidential data. By integrating embedded McAfee software into Xerox technology, the two companies will use a whitelisting method that allows only approved files to run, offering significantly more protection than traditional black listing tactics.

Xerox ConnectKey™ offers protection - simplified.

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ConnectKey MFPs are protected with an innovative whitelisting defense against viruses. ePolicy Orchestrator is also integrated for an enterprise wide security point of view. See how we stand guard at the gateway: 

  • Email alerts
    Xerox devices are already capable of sending E-mail alerts to any valid E-mail address. With the addition of McAfee whitelisting technology, a blocked activity will trigger an E-mail to the device administrator or whomever you choose.
    Here is an example message:
    This alert message was automatically generated by Xerox <device name>.
    System Location: <admin configured location>
    System IP Address: <XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX>
    System MAC Address: <00:00:00:00:00:00>
    System Model: <device name>
    The following occurred on 02/12/13 12:36 PM:

    Xerox Enhanced Security prevented an attempt to read/write/modify file <event> by process <process/file name>. By adding the Integrity Control option, you can receive E-mails and be made aware of files attempting to execute that should not based on the whitelist.
    To learn how to configure E-mail Alerts, consult the System Administrators Guide for your Xerox WorkCentre.
  • Audit Logs
    The Audit Logs on Xerox devices contain a lot of information about who has used the device and how they have used it, as well as the chronology to help track the events that have occurred. With the addition of Xerox Enhanced Security, there are some new events that can help you track attempts to read, write, or modify files which are contained in the whitelist. 
    By adding the Integrity Control option, you can track Audit Log entries and be made aware of files attempting to execute that should not based on the whitelist. 
    To learn how to configure Audit Logs and how to download them for viewing, consult the System Administrators Guide for your Xerox WorkCentre.
  • McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator
    The McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator application provides scalable end-to-end view of your enterprise security as well as a real time Security Management tool. 
    With the addition of Xerox Enhanced Security, the events which can be sent via E-mail or contained in the Audit Log can also be uploaded to the ePolicy Orchestrator. From there, ePolicy Orchestrator can monitor issues and give a clear picture of the enterprises security profile. 
    For more information on ePolicy Orchestrator, go to the McAfee web site:

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Understanding Today's Information Security Threats

McAfee video: Device vulnerability and whitelisting protection
IT departments using McAfee's ePolicy Orchestrator for security management can see how ConnectKey MFPs are monitored and managed as secure end points.

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McAfee and Xerox have teamed up to provide McAfee's Embedded Control enabled on the latest Xerox multifunction printers (MFPs) to protect your printers from security breaches and threats to confidential data.