• How Xerox Remote Print Services Work

How Xerox Remote Print Services Works

Xerox Remote Print Services capabilities are based on a technology platform that provides a flexible end-to-end system for connecting products to the Xerox infrastructure which administers our post-sale offerings.

The diagram below depicts a high-level view of an end-to-end Xerox Remote Print Services architecture. It highlights communication flow between Xerox® Device Agent or Xerox Device Direct and the Xerox Communication Server. The software is configured to connect and send your device usage data to the Xerox Communication Server in an encrypted secured transmission. The data is de-coded and used to provide accurate billing, send your supplies automatically (upon your request), and remotely diagnose the reason for the device failure.

Xerox Remote Print Services Design Goals for Security

Xerox views network security as a key requirement of the overall Remote Print Services architecture. Xerox® Device Agent and Device Direct include capabilities designed to address the following concerns about security: 

Identification and Authentication

  • Authorisation
  • Data Integrity
  • Audit Capabilities
  • Customer Confidentiality

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