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Document Security Services

Once we optimise your production printing environment, we ensure your data and content are managed in a secure and compliant way to help you minimise risk. Seamlessly integrating our production services throughout your business ensures a safe transition from your current practice to Xerox Centralised Print Services.

Value to You

Minimise Risk

Our document security processes and service level agreements help to minimise your operational risk. This is particularly sensitive in highly regulated environments like financial services and healthcare. We help to minimise your risk of non-compliance through proper document management protocols. Our colour management automation and creative services help to minimise your risk of brand non-conformance.

Allegiance Health improved regulatory compliance by storing approved forms in a centralised digital archive. Now forms can be revised quickly to meet the latest internal and regulatory requirements.
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Solution Integration

User portals and online catalogs can dramatically improve the process of ordering, customising, proofing, and delivering print to employees and franchises. Our printing solutions integrate the print shop with the end user – simplifying the entire process of ordering through delivery.

Methodist Healthcare streamlined work processes and implemented a fast, efficient, online job submission process with our solution. We integrated our 10-person staff into the Methodist Healthcare's operations to better understand its mission, industry, issues and needs.
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Xerox Web-to-Print Service

As a self-service, web-based "storefront," our Web-to-Print Service simplifies prepress processes, enhances user flexibility and optimises your in-house print shop. And it seamlessly integrates with your existing Xerox Centralised Print Services. Automatically order, personalise, preview and track print jobs with the Web-to-Print Service's simple web interface. Upload your own unique files or draw from an existing catalogue of templates, including variable data templates.

Document Security and Services

We help you handle client and customer information in accordance with business needs to secure and control sensitive information.

Regulatory and Brand Compliance

Proper document management technologies and procedures help you comply with regulatory requirements and brand guidelines.

Workflow Integration

We can provide user portals, web and online catalogs to seamlessly connect the end user with the print shop – all while enabling continuity of document services production.

Content Creation and Design

More effective documents drive business results. We can assess your document needs and utilise industry best practices to create more powerful paper and digital documents for production and distribution.

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