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Print Assessment and Optimisation

During print assessment and print optimisation, we use best-in-class tools and processes to create a baseline of your current spending. Then we design a solution that reduces costs and supports your service delivery goals. Our suite of Lean Six Sigma-based assessment tools provides the accurate information you need to take action.

Value to You


How much does printing and mailing really cost within your organisation – including visible and hidden costs? We'll help you see where the waste is and how to eliminate it. We begin with a print assessment to identify under-utilised equipment, total cost of ownership and more efficient ways of producing documents.

For Baptist St. Anthony's, this meant reducing outside printing costs by 90% and saving more than $300,000 a year through a world class document center.
View Baptist case study 

Efficient Service Delivery

Streamline the flow of documents in the production process – whether onsite or elsewhere – through mailing, fulfillment and delivery. We use a variety of workflow tools to automate process steps within your production print shop and mailroom. For example, we provided Danfoss Power Electric with a just-in-time document production service that interfaces seamlessly with their manufacturing process. The fully automated service delivers the right manual from thousands of variants, in any of 30 different languages, in just 20 minutes, and runs 24 hours a day.
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Xerox CompleteView Pro Production Assessment for Print Services

Optimise document production – from creative and design through mailing, distribution and fulfillment – using our CompleteView Pro software and processes. Our assessment will look at your total cost of ownership, capacity utilisation, value chain and process maturity to deliver more efficient services and reduce costs.

Print Assessment Services

Lean Six Sigma-based print assessment services offer a holistic view of your printing environment in its current state. This baseline provides an informed starting point from which to target and measure improvements to your production environment.

On-site/Off-Site Document Production

We carefully tune our on-site/off-site delivery model to your objectives for availability, turnaround, quality and cost objectives.

SLA Governance and Reporting

Xerox service level agreements (SLAs) assure clients of consistently optimised services, and give you confidence in critical document workflows.

Optimisation of Document Lifecycle

After a Lean Six Sigma analysis of your document processes, we help you change the flow of documents across your organisation to better meet your business objectives.

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