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Chromebook Printing

Easy printing from your Chromebook to your Xerox printer.


Chromebooks are lightweight computers based on Google’s Chrome OS. They include a range of productivity cloud apps for knowledge workers, such as Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more, without the need to purchase additional software.

The lightweight, simplified IT management makes Chromebooks popular and well suited to the education market, among others.

As an individual Chromebook owner, however, printing can be a challenge if you don’t have a compatible printer.

As an organisation, managing setup and access to your printers in a controlled way can be difficult.

Regardless of your needs, Xerox® printers and software solutions can help.

For individual Chromebook owners

For individual Chromebook owners, Xerox has a broad range of compatible printers and MFPs that support the basic need to print over a local network.


  • Simple to set up.

  • No drivers to install or additional software.

Key Challenges

  • Desire to print from your most popular applications.

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How Xerox Can Help

Our portfolio of office printers enables you to print directly from your Chromebook* with a simple range of print settings. Most common document types can be printed directly from your Chromebook without installing additional software or drivers.

To add your Xerox printer: Go to your Chromebook settings and select Advanced. Under "Printing," select Printers, type in your printer IP address, and you are done.

To print: Select Ctrl + p, or select the printer icon in your Google application. Once you have selected your destination printer, you are all set.

For organisations

For organisations that want to control and monitor access to their printers and enable printing across different networks, Xerox® Workplace Solutions provide a comprehensive print management and mobility solution that fully supports Chromebook users as well as other operating systems, while additionally extending support to noncompatible printers.


  • Organisational-level user access control to your printers.

  • Secure pull print release.

  • Central reporting and accounting, to monitor and control usage.

  • Ability to implement print policies centrally.

  • Print from any network with cloud connection.

Key Challenges

  • Want a solution to enable noncompatible printers.

  • Want to keep on top of print costs and control user access.

  • Simplify access regardless of what remote network the user is on.

  • Ability to implement print policies, to reduce print costs.

  • Secure print release to avoid sensitive documents falling into the wrong hands.

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How Xerox Can Help

Why Choose Xerox Workplace Solutions?

Our award-winning Print Management Solution offers an effective way for your organisation’s IT department to be on top of print costs while making connectivity simple regardless of your user’s operating system, the network they are working from, or which printer they want to use. Xerox Workplace Solutions bridge that gap to provide a seamless printing experience with the central control you need.

Cloud or local network connectivity through a simple Chrome extension. Users can happily print, without the hassle of having to be on the same network as the printer. Simply log in to the Chrome extension app to enjoy a wider range of print settings and options to directly print or securely release at any printer when the time is right.

Security challenges are addressed by user authentication. To control secure access to the printer, using a wide range of authentication methods including card ID and mobile device authentication.

Print Management and Cost Control challenges addressed by:

  • Our pull printing feature allows jobs to be printed only when needed, when the user authenticates at the printer. Supporting both Xerox® and non-Xerox® Printers alike.

  • Print Rules and Quotas help your organisation reduce print costs and encourage a more responsible printing culture among your users.

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* For direct print to Xerox® Printers, Chromebook OS must be at V79 or above.

Compatible Products

Supported Devices for Individual Direct Printing Workflow*:

Xerox Multifunction / All-in-One Laser Printers

Office Printers

Devices supported with Xerox® Workplace Solutions: All printers are supported including non-Xerox printers.