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Inkjet droplets in water

Meet the Xerox® Inkjet Colourful Heroes

Real-World Feedback on the Xerox® Production Inkjet Portfolio: Innovation, Flexibility, Reliability

People are saying great things about our production inkjet presses, including Baltoro®, Trivor®, Rialto® and Brenva®. These presses make inkjet printing accessible and affordable, without compromising quality. Our inkjet customers are astounded by the advancements they’re now making in workflow, productivity and profitability. See for yourself:

Value. Volume. Velocity. Xerox Baltoro HF Inkjet Press YouTube Video

Exceeded Expectations with Xerox Cut Sheet Inkjet

"Our Inkjet journey has been a long one, but we couldn’t be more satisfied with the Baltoro. Because of a very specific high-volume job, we attempted for over 8 years to get converted to Inkjet. Thanks to Xerox, they were able to work out all our requirements and we were able to eliminate 2 toner boxes from the extra capacity that the Baltoro has been able to achieve."

Danny Kirkland National Director of Print Services Encompass Health (Birmingham, AL)

Ecompass Health workers standing in front of printer

How a 70-year-old printing company stays ahead of modern trends

“Arkitektkopia uses its Xerox® Baltoro® HF Inkjet Press to produce crisp, vivid colour prints, quickly, in any conceivable number of copies for larger or smaller jobs, and far more economically than it would cost to print on a higher-end offset printer, with similar quality.”

Gunnar Duintjer CEO Arkitektkopia (Stockholm, Sweden) Read case study

Arkitektkopia with their Baltoro HF Press

Low-Cost, High-Value Colour Printing at Omaha Public Schools

"I’ve been in the industry a long time, and when I learned more about inkjet, I came away more enthused about graphic arts than I had been in 20 years. I can see high-quality work being done without the high expenses of high-end offset equipment and the significant investments in training offset press operators.

The conclusions seemed clear—printing in colour on our Xerox inkjet press made perfect financial sense, giving us the benefits of colour reproduction without what used to be a higher cost."

Steve Priesman Manager, Printing and Publications Services Omaha Public Schools (Omaha, NE) Read the full case study

Employees at Omaha Public Schools with their Xerox Baltoro HF inkjet press

Enhances our print on demand capability

"The inkjet opportunity is still in its infancy in South Africa. Being one of the early adopters of the technology, our primary goal was to not just invest in a device, but in a partner. From the bids we received, Xerox was the only one that was willing to be a partner and support us on this journey without just dropping a box.

The Trivor 2400 HD is a solid entry into the inkjet market and provides us with an array of qualities and price points with quick turnaround time. It has enabled us to further enhance our print on demand capability and offer customers the opportunity to reduce stock holding costs and utilise digital in favor of litho."

Tertius van Eeden CEO Print on Demand (Parow Industria, Western Cape, South Africa)

Tertius van Eeden, CEO of Print on Demand, with their Trivor Press

Saving Up to 50 Percent

“Because I can purchase paper in rolls instead of boxed offset shells, I’m saving up to 50 percent (with the Rialto 900) from reducing preprinted waste and operational time to complete jobs, which also reduces my time to market.”

Greg Peplin Founder and CEO A.R.D. Marketing (La Verne, California)

Greg Peplin of A.R.D. Marketing with their Rialto Press

Transforming our print operations

“We needed to transform our print operation with the latest cutting-edge technology for competitive advantage and the Trivor met this objective. Coupled with automated finishing, the Trivor print solution has dramatically increased our throughput capacity and efficiency and lowered our variable print cost per unit output.”

Mark Oakes VP of Operations Dialog Direct (Highland Park, Michigan)

Dialog Direct with their Trivor inkjet press

We definitely made the right decision

“Our Trivor delivers the power to cost-effectively deliver high-quality 1200 x 600 dpi output of relevancy-based documents with every page containing totally variable text and images. With quality output, speed and the power to deliver, we are happy to confirm that after installing the first Trivor in the world, we definitely made the right decision.”

David Amor Managing Director First Move Direct Marketing (Uxbridge, U.K.)

David Amor of First Move Direct Marketing with their Trivor press

The magic formula

"Cost savings, reduced printing times and zero stock. Thanks to the Trivor, that is what we offer publishers for runs of up to 2,000 copies. With this formula we help our clients have the book they need and at the point they need in less than 48 hours."

Jaime Pividal Production Manager Fragma (Madrid, Spain)

Jamie Pividal of Fragma, with their Trivor press

Saving REAL money

"CompuMail produced over 100 million statements over the past year and with our recent growth produced over 23 million statements in January and February alone. Installing the first of our two planned Trivor presses allowed us to increase capacity, insure quality prints, and reduce our printing costs. Real money! We're adding new workflows continuously to move mail from our existing toner devices to maximise this press and allow for a seamless integration in installing our 2nd Trivor in May. We have been very pleased with the attention Xerox's entire team has shown to our business and success. A true partnership."

Andrew Morrell President/COO CompuMail (Concord, California)

CompuMail and their Trivor press

Delivering brilliant colour and high speed

“We wanted to print on standard offset coated stock, with offset quality and volume but with all the benefits of production inkjet. So far High Fusion Ink and the Trivor 2400 are meeting our expectations – delivering brilliant colour, high speed and the savings from using standard offset coated stocks without the need for any pre or post treatment.”

Thierry Ngoma Plant Manager Vprint (Belgium)

Vprint with their Trivor press

Excited with inkjet

“In a word, we’re elated. Our operators are excited about running the Rialtos. We’re past any concerns and challenges of migrating to inkjet, and eager to embrace what’s next.”

Harold Howard Operations Manager Arista Information Systems (Duluth, Georgia)

Staff at Arista Information Systems with their Rialto press

My favorite machine

“In my 27 years, the Xerox Rialto 900 Inkjet Press is my favorite machine – it's a workhorse, it's easy.”

Karl Melzer Print Services Manager Hemet Unified School District (Hemet, California)

Karl Melzer of Hemet Unified School District with their Rialto 900 Press

This press defied our customers’ expectations of inkjet

“When we were evaluating entry inkjet press options, we let our customers compare the image quality of Rialto against the competition. They all agreed that Rialto was superior – it defied their expectations of inkjet after seeing those first prints.”

Dominique Cluts-Seghers Operations & IT Director Manufast (Belgium)

Dominique Cluts-Seghers of Manufast with their Rialto Press

This press enhances our offerings

"Our Xerox Rialto 900’s have allowed us to streamline our letter production process. The addition of these presses has enhanced our offering with a production of more than 4 million letters per month. We are pleased with the growth of our inkjet fleet and look forward to creating further efficiencies in our day-to-day operations."

Michael Vitch President Compu-Mail (Grand Island, New York)

Michael Vitch, president of Compu-Mail, with their Rialto 900 Press

Driving Costs Out, Bringing Value In

“With inkjet, we can take full advantage of both sides of the page for full colour personalization. This required change to our whole workflow – from data and design through production. We thought that change would take 1 to 1.5 years, but with Rialto it took less than 3 months. Rialto addressed all of our challenges while opening up new opportunities to be more profitable, efficient and flexible!”

Markus Buchroithner Managing Director Smart Letter and Services Versand GmbH (Innsbruck, Austria)

Markus Buchroithner, Managing Director of Smart Letter and Services Versand GmbH, with their Rialto press

Building our business in a winning fashion

“Not only do we have a winning rally race team, we also ordered the very first Brenva because of the great potential to win with it! Since Nov 2016 we have raced this equipment and won millions of colour and mono-only impressions utilising unique Xerox capping technology. Brenva is exceptionally fast, easy to operate and extremely economical to run. With Brenva, we have continued to build our business in winning fashion!” John Hume President Hume Media Inc. (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Hume Media's racecar in front of Brenva press
Hume Media with their Brenva press

Leaders in our market

“We want to be at the forefront of technology and innovation, by being the leaders in our market. With the addition of the Iridesse and Brenva presses we have expanded the offerings to our clients.” B.J. Chandler, Owner Mountain View Printing (Alberta, Canada)

mountain view printing brenva

Our greatest addition

“Customers trust us to deliver millions of their time-critical transactional documents. Our presses generate documents daily that must be dispatched the same day, so reliability is everything. Our clients also need more bespoke paper options to meet environmental and marketing needs. The Brenva helps us consistently deliver and is a great addition to our inkjet family of presses.”

Robert Hoon Managing Director Datagraphic Limited (Rugby, Warwickshire)

Robert Hoon, Managing Director of Datagraphic Limited, with their Brenva press

More about the Xerox® Baltoro® HF Inkjet Press

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The Total Cost of Ownership of an Inkjet Press

Avoid hidden costs lurking below the surface.

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