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A hand loading a cyan toner cartridge into a Xerox printer

Toner — it’s vital to your printer.

Use bargain-brand toner and it’s no longer a Xerox printer.

Always choose Genuine Xerox® Toner for the best value and results.

A lot of questions arise with compatibles — will the colours be as bright? Will lines be as sharp? Will it last as long? Could it even damage your printer?

It’s the risk that comes with using sub-standard bargain brand toner that isn't designed for your Xerox printer — problems can quickly arise. Genuine Xerox Toner and printers are Made For Each Other® so you’re assured of brilliant, reliable results — offering the best value, day after day.

Woman reading print copy from printer

Made For Reliability

Our toner technology is precisely engineered to be dependable. Delivering unfailing quality and performance from the first page to last — day in, day out.

Man reviewing large stack of printouts

Made For Savings

Only Xerox Genuine Toner can deliver the best Total Cost of Ownership delivering more quality printed pages per cartridge. Budget cartridges are never optimal — factor in additional toner, service calls, parts & labor and any economies made quickly evaporate.

Man reviewing copy output quality

Made For Superior Results

Developed to give premium, high impact on every page. We strive to offer the world’s leading toner quality for all our printers — not just high-end equipment.

City park bench along pathway

Made For Sustainability

Designed to minimize environmental impact. Our exclusive low-melt technology means your printer uses less power and warms up faster.

Smiling woman in chair working on her laptop

Made For Ease of Use

Simple and hassle-free with no fuss or mess. Our cartridges and printers are Made For Each Other for easy loading, printing and results — always.

Where to buy Genuine Xerox® Supplies

Find the right supplies for your printer and buy online.


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Delivery person handing 3 boxes of Xerox toner to an office manager

Verify Your Xerox Supplies Are 100% Genuine

Ensure you have the quality, reliability and safety of Genuine Xerox Toner Cartridges.