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Workflow Automation for Manufacturing

In a typical manufacturing process flow, there are many steps where document-based information intersects with the manufacturing cycle. Xerox Workflow Automation Solutions can provide new efficiencies at every stage.
We can help you:

  • Enhance collaboration among R&D, design, engineering and manufacturing teams through secure global access to technical documents and information.
  • Improve efficiency in document management and print services, enabling mobility and compliance policies.
  • Accelerate business processes by automating traditionally manual tasks and removing paper.
  • Create up-to-date manuals, procedures, policies and training for employees, which helps you meet compliance goals.
  • Improve communication with customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

Solutions for the Manufacturing Workflow Process

With our Workflow Automation Solutions for Manufacturing, you can manufacture goods at your same high level of quality and drive costs out of your supply chain. Plus you can improve security, productivity and access to documents that help people do their jobs.

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Engineering Change Management

Drive efficiency around engineering documents and processes through automation, integration and collaboration. This solution enables team members to easily submit and process change requests, and offers visibility into the change process with an auditable history of all changes and approvals.

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Research and Development Testing

Our centralised platform can integrate into PLM, MES and CRM systems to ensure teams have the latest information to support R&D initiatives.

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Quality Assurance

Meet critical control objectives while ensuring that processes are completed consistently and on time. Minimize errors and improve quality through automated checklists.

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Maintenance, Repair and Operations

Integrate your service infrastructure with your line of business applications and devices in the field, and provide timely information to field staff so they can deliver quality services to customers.

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Logistics and Fulfillment

In one centralised location, you can store and manage process methodology documentation, as well as improve communication with customers and suppliers, no matter where they’re located.

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