• Electronic Plan Review

Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for Electronic Plan Review – State & Local Government

Boost tax revenue with a faster building plan review process. The Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for Electronic Plan Review makes the process paperless, traceable and more efficient.

Our solution instantly stores and organises plans within a digital database, where plans are automatically routed. All parties can collaborate in real-time, marking up and commenting on a single plan set. With quicker reviews, developers can spend less time waiting for approvals and more time building in your community.

Workflow Automation for Electronic Plan Review can help state and local government agencies:

  • Submit plans electronically to speed up review and approval.
  • Collaborate in real time by automating comment tracking. 
  • Meet deadlines while saving on the cost of paper. 
  • Securely store plans for quick future searches. 
  • Access plans from anywhere, 24/7. 
  • Improve visibility over all community plans. 
  • Integrate with existing applications such as permitting. 

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