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Turning data into opportunity. Turning opportunity into impact. Data Analytics Solutions for a more intelligent workplace.

The connected workplace produces an incredible amount of data across devices, users, documents and processes.

Xerox® Analytics solutions unlock that data to reveal opportunities for optimisation, automation and improvement across your print infrastructure.

The valuable insights uncovered can be used to:

  • Improve security by flagging unauthorised printed content or users printing outside of working hours

  • Boost employee productivity by identifying paper-intensive processes and replacing them with lean digital ones

  • Design an optimal print environment that balances high device utilisation to reduce costs with the right functionality

  • Meet sustainability initiatives by printing more efficiently and improving overall power and carbon consumption

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Xerox® MPS Advanced Analytics

Bring all your print data together in one place and get the insights you need to improve your business.

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Device Assessments

Innovative Xerox® Analytics tools such as Rapid Assessment Tool, Asset DB and CompleteView Pro help you understand the full scope of your print environment across Xerox® and non-Xerox® devices.

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User Analytics

Xerox® User Analytics Service unlocks the data hidden in your print management systems to capture savings, improve sustainability, tighten information security and drive digital transformation.

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FAQs: Benefits of a Modern Print Infrastructure

How can these tools help lower operational costs?

Xerox Data Analytics Solutions work to identify wasteful, inefficient, and unnecessary print and scan jobs. They can flag after-hours printing, identify users who print the most documents, track color printing, and flag peak use times and power consumption to help businesses manage the document workflow more efficiently.

Do Xerox MPS Data Analytics Solutions help safeguard my network from cybersecurity threats?

Even employees who mean no harm can expose the office to malware, ransomware, and computer viruses if they download and print documents from questionable sources. Xerox’s advanced security tools not only flag unauthorized printing to close security gaps but also monitor for unusual activity patterns, identifying potential threats to ensure a robust defense against the evolving landscape of cyber security threats.

Does the software work with legacy systems?

Yes, you can gain visibility into the performance of non-Xerox and Xerox devices to optimize the printing and scanning workflow and uncover inefficiencies.

How can businesses use this solution to improve sustainability practices?

Once you have the data to pinpoint waste, you can take steps to prevent it. This is where MPS Advanced Analytics comes into play, offering Sustainability Dashboards that not only display the impact on trees, water, and CO2 but also allow you to benchmark against others in your industry and organization size. With this insight, you can establish new rules or recommendations around printing necessities, such as when to use color ink or duplex printing. You might even identify processes that don’t need a paper trail at all.

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Managed Print Services

We provide a set of core Managed Print Services (MPS) capabilities, including workplace assessments and print management, as well as digital transformation capabilities.

Managed Print Services Insights

Explore PDFs, videos, infographics and more on this topic.