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A Bridge to Intelligent Automation

We’ve reinvented Xerox many times as technologies and markets change. We’re helping our customers reinvent themselves, too.

Our Past Guides the Future

Xerox has always helped customers find better ways to work by inventing the best technologies of each era. We’ve created entirely new industries, including xerographic copying, laser printing, digital publishing and managed print services.

Today, customers find themselves at the intersection of physical and digital worlds. To them, it’s a digital divide. To us, it’s a bridge. We leverage our expertise in areas like digital imaging and predictive analytics to help carry customers into the future. We are not just a print vendor, but a partner in streamlining and automating workflows.

Workflow Automation

It is critical for us to understand how our customers define work. Our office customers don’t just want to print; they want to automate workflows, and accelerate decisions and revenue. So we created ConnectKey® apps and workflow automation solutions that help our customers do exactly that.


Similarly, we realized our print provider customers aren’t just print shops; they are actually in the business of delivering marketing and communications services. With the emergence of digital media, they wanted help to deliver cross-media campaigns, so we created FreeFlow®, a digital workflow solution. We also added personalized multichannel marketing software from XMPie®, a Xerox company.

Digital Manufacturing

Xerox is known as the printing and copying company that’s really good at precisely and quickly putting marks on substrates – such as various types of paper. We have a ton of technology, knowledge and experience in this area.

But now the substrates are more than just paper, and the material we print is more than just ink and toner. We can apply these digital printing capabilities to new markets such as digital packaging and other types of digital manufacturing. The possibilities are infinite.

Artificial Intelligence

We use predictive analytics to optimize device, parts, and supplies availability. If we redefine this core capability beyond printers, we can see new markets in managed services for connected workplaces.

Our world has reached a critical mass of connected devices, collectively known as “the Internet of Things (IoT).” Sensors and electronics allow machines to perceive the physical world. Now enter machine intelligence, or what some call “narrow AI,” in which machines can understand and make decisions in domains that we have modeled with a high level of fidelity.

Now you have a feedback loop that enables real-world, real-time optimization. Add to that loop the machine’s ability to work collaboratively with people in knowledge-intensive workflows and learn from us. This area will be a very fertile ground for innovation over the next decade.

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