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ePrint Grows and Expands with the Xerox® Versant® 280 Press and Adaptive CMYK+ Technology.

“I wanted to find the best technology that offered the widest array of print solutions for our customers,” Maurais said. “That’s really what led me to look at the Xerox® Versant® Press, and the Vivid Kit in particular.”

– ePrint Owner, Ben Maurais

Located in Hudson, NH, ePrint, Inc. is a family-owned business that prides itself on being a partner to the local business community—helping diverse organizations connect with their customers through affordable, results-focused print solutions.

Success Snapshot


  • Expand business with new offerings and new capabilities

  • Boost profits by keeping more work in-house (especially offset and metallic stamping processes)


  • Xerox® Versant® 280 Press with Adaptive CMYK+ Technology

  • Vivid Toner Kit with White, Gold, Silver, and Clear Toners

  • Fluorescent Toner Kit with Fluorescent Cyan, Fluorescent Magenta, and Fluorescent Yellow Toners


  • 35% increase in annual revenues attributed to Versant’s CMYK and Beyond CMYK capabilities

  • Steady stream of new customers

  • No longer need to rely on partners for embellishments and other specialty effects

With over 20 years as a print business owner, and with current equipment leases up for renewal, ePrint owner Ben Maurais was on the lookout for something new to offer his customers. He found it in the Xerox® Versant® 280 Press with Adaptive CMYK+ Technology, BLI’s 2022 PRO Award winner.

BLI Graphic

Keep More Jobs In-House.

ePrint wasn’t new to print embellishments—using varnish to highlight label content and printing with gold, silver, or white were regular asks—but prior to his relationship with Xerox, Maurais would have to send that work out to offset print partners.

The resulting lead times and added costs weren’t in line with ePrint’s high standards for customer care—and the diminished profits were less than ideal for their bottom line.

The Right People, Technology, and Ideas.

After hitting the ground running, Maurais and his excited crew were producing paying jobs with the Vivid and Fluorescent starter kits within the first week. There was never any doubt that local businesses would understand and appreciate the impact of materials produced with gold, silver, white, clear, or fluorescent embellishments and effects. “Because of Versant’s versatility,” he said, “we are also able to do extra-long sheets with [Vivid effects] as well. Another print job that we are able to keep in-house.”

Along with Maurais’ vision for the integration of high-value application capabilities as a growth driver, he credits the many tools provided by Xerox to help new customers get up and running with Beyond CMYK technologies, including Design Guides, videos, software, and more.

“It’s the best bang for the buck out there.”

Tools and technology notwithstanding, a lot of the credit for ePrint’s success with Beyond CMYK rests directly on Maurais. He’s literally bursting with ideas for how to use the technology, and how to get the word out to his customers.

He’s had a positive impact in the community—providing about 250 local businesses with standardized pandemic-related signage printed with eye-catching fluorescent highlights.

Here are just a few of the many ways ePrint is using Adaptive CMYK+ to drive new success:

App Samples Graphic

Gold highlights on a custom box sleeve for a local franchise owner are being rolled out to additional franchise owners nationally.

App Samples Graphic

Fluorescent effects are used to make business cards, passes, and other handouts pop.

App Samples Graphic

White, silver, gold, and fluorescent effects embellish ePrint’s own marketing materials.

App Samples Graphic

Subtle metallic highlights take this 72-page catalog to the next level.

“We all want to grow our businesses,” Maurais said, “and in the print industry, there just hasn’t been a lot of innovation.” The Versant 280, with the Adaptive CMYK Kit, he said, “enables us to bring very unique solutions to our customers.”

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35% Revenue Increase Year-over-year

Money icon

More Jobs In-House No longer rely on partners for specialty jobs

Group Icon

New Business Expanded capabilities have attracted a steady stream of new customers

Easy to use. Easy to sell.

When receiving new four-color jobs, the ePrint team will frequently brainstorm whether they can benefit from Beyond CMYK enhancements. The ability to add those effects right on the floor without engaging the busy design department—or going back to their customers—makes high-value embellishments that much easier to sell. “Ease of operation is a big thing” Maurais said. “You can certainly charge more when you’re doing something unique... so there’s a little bit better profit margin involved.”

He’s even attracted long-distance customers—as far away as Florida—through the Xerox CMYK Global Locator, a tool that connects customers to designers and print buyers to printers with Beyond CMYK capabilities.

And about those partners to whom ePrint used to outsource their offset and stamping jobs? With the trend toward more jobs and smaller runs, they simply can’t compete. “Now, instead of outsourcing jobs to them, they’re coming to us.”

“We all want to grow our businesses,” Maurais said, “and in the print industry, there just hasn’t been a lot of innovation.” The Versant 280, with the Adaptive CMYK Kit, he said, “enables us to bring very unique solutions to our customers.” Those customers seem to appreciate it. Just coming up on their one year anniversary with the technology, they were able to grow significantly last year, and have increased revenue on the books this year. Maurais credits Versant 280 capabilities alone and with the Adaptive CMYK+ Kit as the main driver for a nearly 35 percent increase in year-over-year profit. “In a time when many businesses seem to be struggling,” he said, “we feel good about our prospects.” With Versant, he said, they are able to do more and print faster, even without the Adaptive CMYK+ technology. “It’s the best bang for the buck out there.”

On being a new Xerox customer, Maurais said, “Xerox has been very welcoming. We haven’t received this kind of attention before, from [other suppliers].” In that regard, he said, it’s like joining a community. “People are actually interested in what your business is doing, and how it’s doing. It’s been a wonderful experience.”

Fluorescent Image

Fluorescent Toner glows with true fluorescence under a black light.

Xerox® Versant® Family of Presses Reimagined to Deliver More YouTube Video
Xerox® Versant® 280 Press

Xerox® Versant® 280 Press

The all-in-one, ever-evolving, field-proven profit builder. Reimagined to deliver everything you need in a mid-production press.

Print samples printed with Adaptive CMYK+ fluorescent ink

Xerox® Adaptive CMYK+ Kit

Add shiny metallics, bold whites, and glowing fluorescent colours to a Versant® 280 or PrimeLink® C9065/70 printer.

Man sitting at laptop thinking.

Beyond CMYK Webinars

Learn from the experts, ask questions, see examples.

Spiral bound book open to a page with a vivid photo of a woman resting her head on her arms

Designer Training Sessions

Focused one-on-on or small-group learning.

metallic print collage

How-To Videos

Short, easy-to-follow instructions, with separate videos for designers and operators.

iridesse design guidelines

Design Guides

Step by step instruction using real examples to help designers learn how to apply Vivid and Fluorescent effects.

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