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ProfitQuick is a financial modeling tool that can help you evaluate your Xerox printing systems, plus generate customized profit and cash flow reports for your production printing business.


Investment Planner:

  • Understand the true cost of doing business to maximise your productivity, cost savings, and profit
  • Used by a team of Xerox experts who will observe and analyse your daily business, workflow, and key jobs
  • The Xerox experts will create a customised workflow recommendation based on cost and time saving analyses, detailed reports, and quantified cost and time benefits statements from the Investment Planner

Job Estimation Tool:

  • Maximise your profitability: Enables you to easily determine digital vs. offset printing cost-and-profit comparisons for any job run length
  • See the breakeven point between offset and digital workflows for your job
  • Forecast cost savings over months and years by integrating digital capabilities into your business, enabling you to plan for business growth
  • Discover how digital technology provides improved margins by reducing makeready and other prepress costs

Business Planner:

  • Develop a five-year customised profit and cash flow analysis for Xerox production equipment
  • Learn which applications are most profitable
  • Determine the page volumes needed to become cash flow positive
  • Show the impact of quick turnaround and variable pricing premiums


  • Contains three modules: 1) Investment Planner, 2) Job Estination Tool, and 3) Business Planner
  • Completely customisable for your particular applications, workflows, costs and equipment
  • Produces easy to understand reports with intuitive charts and graphs
  • Includes sensitivity analysis to market factors such as growth, turnaround time and variable data premiums
  • Provides easy "what if" analysis to help you make favourable long range business decisions
  • Analyses the entire workflow from database management to mailing and distribution
  • Part of the ProfitAccelerator series of business development tools and strategies in the ProfitAccelerator Digital Business Resources collection

Key Applications

  • Ideal business planning and analysis tool for all production printing environments, including:
    • Graphic Arts: 1-to-1 Marketing, On-Demand Printing, Quick Print
    • Publishing: Commercial/In-Plant Printers, CRDs, Publishers
    • Transactional printing: Data Centres, Design and Print Service Agencies